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    Documentation Coverage Plugin

    Node Version required: 14 or above


      1. npm i doc-coverage
      2. Create a .doccoverage.json file in the root of the project.
      3. For help on the config file created in step 5, refer 'Config Help' section
      4. Run the command "./node_modules/.bin/doc" in the terminal in root directory to get coverage.
      5. A folder called doc-coverage is created in the root. It contains a detailed coverage report.

    Config Help

    Config refers to the json that need to be added in .doccoverage.json file. Following are the available keys with description.
      1. source - Path to the source folder.
      2. excludedPaths - Array of Path regex to be ignored while calculating Coverage of the pure JS Files.
      3. excludedComponentPaths - Array of Path regex to be ignored while calculating Component File Coverage(inside components folder).
       * Example - if only index files are to be considered for stories, add "^((?!index.js).)*$" in the array. This ignores all files except index.
      4. foldersWithComponentFiles - Array of folder names containing all UI components.
      5. storiesFolderPath - Path to the stories folder to be provided if it is outside the source folder.
      6. ecmaVersion - ECMA Script Version (required for parsing into ast), by default latest is used.
      7. framework - framework used (currently react, vue and svelte are supported), by default react.

    Ignore a Component File

      If a particular Component file is to be ignored and a genric path regex to exclude cannot be created -
      Add '/* !Doc Coverage Ignore */' as the first line in the file.
      Example of a situation when one might need to ignore a file -
      A small Component file with no props, for which niether storybook nor proptype is required.

    Sample Config

    	"source": "./src",
    	"excludedPaths": ["/assets/", "/components/","/containers/", "/__test__/", "/config./"],
    	"excludedComponentPaths": ["/__test__/", "^((?!index.js).)*$"],
    	"foldersWithComponentFiles": ["components", "containers"],
      	"framework": "svelte",
    	"storiesFolderPath": "./stories"

    Default Config

    If no config is provided, the following is used as the default config
            source: './src',
            excludedPaths: [
            excludedComponentPaths: ['/__test__/'],
            foldersWithComponentFiles: ['components', 'containers'],
            storiesFolderPath: './stories',

    Results Summary in console

    Refer the following image link for example.
       We get 3 tables in the console -
       1. JS Files Coverage - For Non Component files. The script looks for leading documentation comments for all top level blocks of a file.
          ( 1 scope = 1 top level block/function )
       2. Component File Coverage - A Component File is considered fully documented if it is either imported in atleast one '.stories' file or has prop types defined.
          We get 3 scores in this table -
          	1. Fully Covered Components - Fully documented Components / Total Components
            2. Storybook Coverage - Components with stories / Total Components
    	      3. PropTypes Coverage - Num of prop types / Total Props
    3.  Total Coverage - Combined Score of JS Files and each of the three Component Scores.

    Detailed Coverage Report

     A file called docCoverageReport.json is created under a directory called doc-coverage which contains the file wise coverage.
     Apart from giving the same information as the tables in console it has 2 extra keys -
     1. fileWiseCoverageJSFiles - Object with file path as the key.
        "path-to-app/src/app.js": {
                "funcCoverage": {
                    "urlB64ToUint8Array": false,
                    "onMessageReceivedSubscriptionState": true,
                    "onMessageReceivedSubscribe": true,
                    "onMessageReceivedUnsubscribe": true,
                    "broadcastReply": true,
                    "persistSubscriptionLocally": true
                "fileCoverage": "83.33%"
     2. fileWiseCoverageJSX/fileWiseCoverageVue/fileWiseCoverageSvelte - Object with file path as the key.
        "path-to-app/src/index.js": {
                "hasStory": false,
                "hasAllPropTypes": false,
                "componentType": "Functional",
                "missingPropTypes": [
                "coverage": "25%"

    Important Note

    To get an accurate proptypes coverage, destructure the props.
    Currently this syntax is not identified by the parser => {props.something}.
    Instead use the following syntax
    const {x,y,z} = props;




    npm i @mohalla-tech/doc-coverage

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