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    React Idle

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    Render components when browser is idle.

    The idea is to allow Above The Fold content to render as soon as possible, letting the rest of the app render and update when the browser is idle.

    This component uses requestAnimationFrame which is also used in React.


    See a working react-idle demo and compare rendering performance between syncronous rendering and rendering on idle.

    Getting started

    Install react-idle using npm.

    npm install @modus/react-idle --save


    import * as React from 'react';
    import OnIdle from '@modus/react-idle';
    export default class MyView extends React.Component {
      render() {
          <article>This is above the fold content that must render ASAP</article>
            <aside>This heavy component can be rendered when the browser is idle</aside>


    React Idle has only one direct dependency: idlize. Since it's meant to be used with React, it expects that your project already depends on react and react-dom.

    NPM will not automatically install these dependencies for you, but it will show a friendly warning message with instructions.


    Property Type Required? Description
    children React Node Children you want to render on idle
    placeholder React Node Placeholder component that shows before the render takes place
    onRender Function Callback executed after render completes. No arguments provided.
    skipSSR Boolean Use this property to prevent the children from being rendered in Server Side Rendering. Defaults to false.
    syncUpdate Boolean Use this property to render updates immediately instead of triggering another onIdle process. Defaults to false.



    This project uses Jest for unit testing. To execute tests run this command:

    npm test

    It's useful to run tests in watch mode when developing for incremental updates.

    npm run test:watch


    This project is MIT licensed.


    npm i @modus/react-idle

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