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Ionic integration adapters for Vue.


Ionic-Vue vs @ionic/vue

Ionic-Vue codebase has been contributed to the Ionic core and as @ionic/vue. However, @ionic/vue provides limited support to Ionic v4.

The amazing Ionic team is always looking to bring the most modern of browser capabilities to their framework. The official Vue support will land after Vue 3 has stabilized.

Modus Create engineers continue to maintain this library to support the community that wants to create beautiful mobile apps with Vue and Ionic.

Our goal is to allow developers to be up to date with the latest advances of Ionic and Vue. Thus we are delivering features and bug fixes as fast as possible.


Overview: all of the controllers and major features such as transitions and router have been implemented and tested for several months now. Apart from minor improvements and further testing of various mixes of Ionic components and implementations this library is considered feature complete.

Feature Status @ionic/vue Notes
Router ✔️ ✔️ Fully implemented
Router View ✔️ ✔️ Fully implemented
Tabs ✔️ ✔️ Fully implemented
Controllers ✔️ ✔️ Fully implemented
TypeScript ✔️ ✔️ Fully implemented
MS Edge Fix ✔️ ✔️ Fully implemented
Router keep-alive ✔️ Pending -
Functional Inputs ✔️ Pending -
Import controllers directly ✔️ Pending Improve treeshaking and sync with react and angular implementations
Restore scroll on navigation ✔️ - When going back through history restore the scroll position
Unit tests Outdated as were originally written in plain JS, need to be updated for TS

Ionic versions 4 and 5

⚠️ Moving forward all versions of ionic-vue will be supporting Ionic 5 only, if you'd like to continue using Ionic 4 please use ionic-vue version 1.3.4

Vue 3

🚧 We are actively developing the next major version of this library. It supports Vue 3 and all of the new APIs like Composition, new transition features, etc. You can track the progress in the dev branch.

Installing / Getting started

A quick introduction of the minimal setup you need to get a hello world up and running.

npm install @ionic/core @modus/ionic-vue

Now you can use it during the initialization step of your Vue app.

import Vue from 'vue'
import '@ionic/core/css/ionic.bundle.css'
import Ionic, { IonicVueRouter } from '@modus/ionic-vue'
import Home from './Home.vue'


new Vue({
  router: new IonicVueRouter({
    routes: [
      { path: '/', component: Home },
      { path: '/page', component: () => import('./Page.vue') }

Ionic requires a root element of ion-app in your HTML.

IonicVueRouter requires ion-vue-router element in order to render Ionic transitions. Otherwise you can use the official VueRouter

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

      <ion-vue-router />


IonicVue abstracts DOM interaction of Ionic UI components inside a Vue application.

import { alertController } from '@ionic/vue';

Vue.component('Foo', {
  methods: {
    notify() {
          header: 'Notification',
          subHeader: null,
          message: 'Hello World',
          buttons: ['Bye'],
        .then(a => a.present())

IonicVue supports all of the Ionic controllers:


IonicVueRouter binds Ionic transitions and routing functionalities with Vue Router.

It is an extension of the official Vue Router thus it can be used as a drop-in replacement with all of the methods, hooks, etc. working as expected.


Setting up Dev

Simply clone the repo and install dependencies to get started with development.

git clone https://github.com/moduscreateorg/ionic-vue.git
cd ionic-vue/
npm install

Testing will require peer dependencies to be installed. Peer dependencies are:

  • vue
  • vue-template-compiler
  • vue-router
  • @ionic/core

You can install peer dependencies without modifying package.json.

npm run install.peer

We recommend trying out your ionic-vue changes in an actual app. You can do that with npm link:

cd ionic-vue/
npm link
cd ../sample-app/
npm link @modus/ionic-vue

Beep is a fantastic sample application you can use to test ionic-vue.


Rollup automatically creates distribution packages.

For development build run:

npm run dev

For automatic rebuild on changes run:

npm run watch

For production build run:

npm run prod


Make sure you have installed peer dependencies (explained above) before running tests.

npm test

Static Analysis

The ionic-vue project uses SonarQube's SonarCloud product for static analysis scans.

Our publicly available dashboard for the project can be found here

Modus Create

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Modus Create

This project is part of Modus Labs.

Modus Labs


This project is MIT licensed.


npm i @modus/ionic-vue

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