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    Entypo icons for Mithril.js

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    Easy to use and customizable mithril.js icon components based on Entypo+ icon set with Typescript support.


    • First class Typescript support
    • Ability to add any SVG attribute to the icons
    • Tree-shaking friendly structure
    • No calls - all the icons are defined explicitly


    npm i @mithril-icons/entypo


    yarn add @mithril-icons/entypo


    Import all the icons:

    import m from 'mithril'
    import * as F from '@mithril-icons/entypo'
    const Example = {
      view: function () {
        return m('div',

    Selectively import needed icons:

    import m from 'mithril'
    import { AddUser, Address } from '@mithril-icons/entypo'
    const Example = {
      view: function () {
        return m('div',

    You can also import only selected icons directly. This might reduce overall bundle size (depends on your bundler):

    import m from 'mithril'
    import AddUser from '@mithril-icons/entypo/icons/AddUser'
    import Address from '@mithril-icons/entypo/icons/Address'
    const Example = {
      view: function () {
        return m('div',
          m(AddUser, { color: '#25ff56', 'stroke-linecap': 'butt' }),
          m(Address, { fill: '#ff4405', 'stroke-width': 2 }),

    All of the icons are rendered directly to SVG VNode so specified attributes will be added to svg node. It means that:

    m(AddUser, { fill: '#ff4405', width: 50, height: 50 })

    will be rendered to:

    <svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" viewBox="0 0 20 20" id="entypo-add-user" width="50" height="50" fill="#ff4405"><g><path d="M15.989 19.129C16 17 13.803 15.74 11.672 14.822c-2.123-.914-2.801-1.684-2.801-3.334 0-.989.648-.667.932-2.481.12-.752.692-.012.802-1.729 0-.684-.313-.854-.313-.854s.159-1.013.221-1.793c.064-.817-.398-2.56-2.301-3.095-.332-.341-.557-.882.467-1.424-2.24-.104-2.761 1.068-3.954 1.93-1.015.756-1.289 1.953-1.24 1.793.223 1.793s-.314.17-.314.854c.11 1.718.684.977.803 1.729.284 1.814.933 1.492.933 2.481 0 1.65-.212 2.21-2.336 3.124C.663 15.53 0 17 .011 19.129.014 19.766 0 20 0 20h16s-.014-.234-.011-.871zM17 10V7h-2v3h-3v2h3v3h2v-3h3v-2h-3z"></path></g></svg>


    If you are not using bundler that can handle ES6 modules easily (e.g. Brunch) the library is also available as a CommonJS module - you can import it by adding /cjs postfix:

    const m = require("mithril")
    const i = require("@mithril-icons/entypo/cjs")
    m.render(document.body, m(i.AddUser))

    Typescript support

    All of the icons are explicitly exported by name (no string dictionary kind of thing) so they are easy to work with.

    TIP: To explore available icons you just need to write import {} from '@mithril-icons/entypo' and invoke autocompletion from within curly braces

    In addition there are typings for SVG based attributes that can be attached to SVG's.

    NOTE: These typings are not 100% exhaustive, because there are a lot of possibilities there (take a look here). Instead typings are provided for most attributes that are most useful (at least in my opinion). PR for adding any useful attributes that I might have missed are welcome.


    Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


    CC BY-SA 4.0

    Original project Entypo+ has been created by Daniel Bruce.


    npm i @mithril-icons/entypo

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