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For Vue.js 3.0 use version 3.X. All active development happens here. For Vue 2 use version 2.X. This version will recieve no more updates. How convenient!


Vue component that contains our custom setup for the tiptap editor. Able to highlight phrases and give reasons/fixes to the warnings

npm i tiptap-editor
yarn add tiptap-editor

example image

	placeholder="write something will-ya!"

import tiptapEditor from './tiptap-editor.vue';

export default {
	components: { tiptapEditor },
	data() {
		return {
			warnings: [],
			value: 'this is the initial value'



  • value: String - the text to edit

  • placeholder: String - the text to display when there is nothing in the editor

  • warnings: [ Objects ] - an array of text that should be warned about

    • example:

              value: 'the',
              message: 'did you mean...',
              options: ['too', 'pizza'], // optional
              value: 'test text',
              message: 'cannot say that, sorry',
              overrideClass: 'underlined-green', // optional
              offset: 32, // optional
              length: 9, // optional
    • Optional offset and length values can be specified to highlight a specific instance of an error.

      • offset: Number - character distance from beginning of the text to the index of the error
      • length: Number - character length of the error
  • maxCharacterCount: Number - Show a count of the current number of characters. If over the max the count will show red

  • height: String - height of the text editor, default is 300px

  • showMenu: Boolean - if false, hide the format menu

  • id: String - give the editor a unique id. Also adds aria tags to link the editor menu to the text area


  • update:value - emitted whenever the core text value changes

  • new-character-count - the new internal character count of the value. This is useful since the synced value may have formatting, which internal is ignored when counting characters.


  • clone this repo
  • cd into the repo directory and run yarn install
  • run yarn serve

Available Scripts

  • yarn serve - start the dev server
  • yarn build - build for production
  • yarn preview - locally preview production build
  • yarn format - run Prettier to format code
  • yarn validate:format - run Prettier with --check flag
  • yarn test - run tests using vitest




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