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This is a fork of tmont/audio-metadata.

This is a library to extract metadata from audio files. Specifically, it can extract following metadata:

Licensed under the WTFPL.


Run this command to install the library with NPM.

npm install audio-metadata
import { ogg } from("@mikiymk/audio-metadata");
import { readFile } from require("fs/promise");

const oggData = await readFile("/path/to/my.ogg");
const metadata = ogg(oggData);

// metadata:
// {
//   "title": "Contra Base Snippet",
//   "artist": "Konami",
//   "album": "Bill and Lance's Excellent Adventure",
//   "year": "1988",
//   "tracknumber": "1",
//   "track": "1",
//   "encoder": "Lavf53.21.1"
// }


This library defines functions that receive an ArrayBuffer or a View as an argument and return an object. So you'll need to preload your audio data before using this library.

import { ogg } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract comments from OGG container
const metadata = ogg(buffer);

import { id3v2 } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract ID3v2 tags
const metadata = id3v2(buffer);

import { id3v1 } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract ID3v1 tags
const metadata = id3v1(buffer);

import { flac } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract flac tags
const metadata = flac(buffer);

import { wma } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract wma tags
const metadata = wma(buffer);

import { mp4 } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract mp4 tags
const metadata = mp4(buffer);

import { apev2 } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract APEv2 tags
const metadata = apev2(buffer);

import { aiff } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract AIFF tags
const metadata = aiff(buffer);

import { wav } from "@mikiymk/audio-metadata";

// extract wav tags
const metadata = wav(buffer);

The result is a key-value object with metadata. The following keys are normalized to common keys:

common tag ID3v1 ID3v2.2 ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4 Vorbis Comment APEv2 MP4 RIFF ASF
title TT1, TT2 TIT1, TIT2 ©nam INAM
album TAL TALB ©alb IPRD albumtitle
artist TP1 TPE1 ©ART IART
albumartist TP2 TPE2 album artist aART
composer TCM TCOM ©wrt, ©com IMUS
track TRK TRCK tracknumber trkn IPRT, ITRK tracknumber
disc TPS TPOS disk partofset
year TYE TYER, TDRC (date recorded) ©day
encoder TSS TSSE ©too ISFT toolname
genre TCO TCON ©gen, gnre IGNR
comment COM COMM ©cmt ICMT comments


git clone git@github.com:mikiymk/audio-metadata
cd audio-metadata
npm install
npm test

There's a "test" (yeah, yeah) for browsers, which you can view by running npm start and then pointing your browser at

To build the minified browserified file, run npm run minify.


npm i @mikiymk/audio-metadata

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