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gulp-core-build-webpack is a gulp-core-build subtask which introduces the ability to bundle various source files into a set of bundles, using webpack.

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This task invokes webpack using a consumer-specified webpack.config.js on a package.

Command Line Options

If the --initwebpack flag is passed to the command line, this task will initialize a webpack.config.js which bundles lib/index.js into `dist/{packagename}.js as a UMD module.


interface IWebpackConfig {
  configPath: string;
  config: Webpack.Configuration;
  suppressWarnings: string[];
  • configPath used to specify the local package relative path to a webpack.config.js
  • config used to specify a webpack config object. configPath takes precidence over this option if it is set and the file it refefences exists.
  • suppressWarnings used to specify regular expressions or regular expression strings that will prevent logging of a warning if that warning matches.


  configPath: "./webpack.config.js"