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gulp-core-build-sass is a gulp-core-build subtask which processes scss files using SASS, runs them through postcss, and produces commonjs/amd modules which are injected using the @microsoft/load-themed-styles package.

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This task invokes gulp-sass to compile source SASS files into a CommonJS module which uses load-themed-styles to load styles onto the page. If the libAmdFolder is specified globally, this task will also output an AMD module. Various templates may be specified.



An optional parameter for text to include in the generated typescript file.

Default: '/* tslint:disable */'


An optional parameter for text to include at the end of the generated typescript file.

Default: '/* tslint:enable */'


An array of glob patterns for locating SASS files.

Default: ['src/**/*.scss']


If this option is specified, ALL files will be treated as a module.scss and will automatically generate a corresponding TypeScript file. All classes will be appended with a hash to help ensure uniqueness on a page. This file can be imported directly, and will contain an object describing the mangled class names.

Default: false


If this is false, then we do not create .css files in the lib directory.

Default: false


If files are matched by sassMatch which do not end in .module.scss, log a warning.

Default: false