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    Use this library to read and write *.api.json files as defined by the API Extractor tool. These files are used to generate a documentation website for your TypeScript package. The files store the API signatures and doc comments that were extracted from your package.

    API documentation for this package: https://rushstack.io/pages/api/api-extractor-model/

    Example Usage

    The following code sample shows how to load example.api.json, which would be generated by API Extractor when it analyzes a hypothetical NPM package called example:

    import { ApiModel, ApiPackage } from '@microsoft/api-extractor-model';
    const apiModel: ApiModel = new ApiModel();
    const apiPackage: ApiPackage = apiModel.loadPackage('example.api.json');
    for (const member of apiPackage.members) {

    The ApiModel is acts as a container for various packages that are loaded and operated on as a group. For example, a documentation tool may need to resolve @link references across different packages. In this case we would load the various packages into the ApiModel, and then use the ApiModel.resolveDeclarationReference() to resolve the @link targets.

    The data structure forms a tree of various classes that start with the Api prefix. The nesting hierarchy might look like this:

    - ApiModel
      - ApiPackage
        - ApiEntryPoint
          - ApiClass
            - ApiMethod
            - ApiProperty
          - ApiEnum
            - ApiEnumMember
          - ApiInterface
            - ApiMethodSignature
            - ApiPropertySignature
          - ApiNamespace
            - (ApiClass, ApiEnum, ApiInterface, ...)

    You can use the ApiItem.members property to traverse this tree.

    Note that the non-abstract classes (e.g. ApiClass, ApiEnum, ApiInterface, etc.) use TypeScript "mixin" functions (e.g. ApiDeclaredItem, ApiItemContainerMixin, etc.) to add various features that cannot be represented as a normal inheritance chain (since TypeScript does not allow a child class to extend more than one base class). The "mixin" is a TypeScript merged declaration with three components: the function that generates a subclass, an interface that describes the members of the subclass, and a namespace containing static members of the class.

    For a complete project that uses these APIs to generate an API reference web site, see the @microsoft/api-documenter source code.


    API Extractor is part of the Rush Stack family of projects.




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