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LoopBack Component Real-Time

A LoopBack Framework Component that provides publish events over WebSockets.

This module will supersedes the LoopBack Component PubSub and will implement multiple Real-Time functionalities like PubSub, IO and the new FireLoop Module.


$ npm install --save @mean-expert/{loopback-sdk-builder,loopback-component-realtime}

Setup Back End Module

Update the server/component-config.json as follows:

  "loopback-component-explorer": {
    "mountPath": "/explorer"
  "@mean-expert/loopback-component-realtime": {
    "debug": true,
    "auth": true,
    "driver": {
      "name": ""
    "modules": [

Update the server/model-config.json as follows:

    "mixins": [

Finally update the file server/server.js by editing the app.start method as follow:

app.start = function() {
  // start the web server 
  var server = app.listen(function() {
    app.emit('started', server);
    var baseUrl = app.get('url').replace(/\/$/, '');
    console.log('Web server listening at: %s', baseUrl);
    if (app.get('loopback-component-explorer')) {
      var explorerPath = app.get('loopback-component-explorer').mountPath;
      console.log('Browse your REST API at %s%s', baseUrl, explorerPath);
  return server;


Generate FireLoop Angular 2 Client

FireLoop Client for Angular 2 Applications are built in when generating your LoopBack SDK. Read the Following Instructions in order to automatically generate your software development kit.