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Mayan Swap SDK

A minimal package for sending cross-chain swap transactions


npm install --save @mayanfinance/swap-sdk


Import the necessary functions and models:

import { fetchQuote, swapFromEvm, swapFromSolana, Quote } from '@mayanfinance/swap-sdk'

Then you will need to get a quote:

Getting Quote:

const quote = await fetchQuote({
  amount: 250,
  fromToken: fromToken.contract,
  toToken: toToken.contract,
  fromChain: "bsc",
  toChain: "solana",
  slippage: 3,
  gasDrop: 0.04, // optional
  referrer: "YOUR SOLANA WALLET ADDRESS", // optional

You can get the list of supported tokens using Tokens API

Gas on destination:

To enable Gas on destination set the gasDrop param to the amount of native token (e.g. ETH, BNB..) you want to receive on the destination chain.

Maximum supported amount of gasDrop for each destination chain:

ethereum: 0.05 ETH
bsc: 0.02 BNB
polygon: 0.2 MATIC
avalanche: 0.2 AVAX
solana: 0.2 SOL
arbitrum: 0.01 ETH

Referrer fee:

If you want to receive referrer fee, set the referrer param to your wallet address.


Slippage is in percentage, so 3 means "up to three percent slippage".

After you get the quote, you can send the swap transaction:

Swap from Solana:

swapTrx = await swapFromSolana(quote, originWalletAddress, destinationWalletAddress, deadlineInSeconds, referrerAddress, signSolanaTransaction, solanaConnection)

Swap from EVM:

swapTrx = await swapFromEvm(quote, destinationWalletAddress, deadlineInSeconds, referrerAddress, provider, signer)

referrerAddress must be a Solana wallet address. If you don't want to get referrer fee from users, set "referrerAddress" to null or "11111111111111111111111111111111"


To track the progress of swaps, you can use Mayan Explorer API

📱 React Native Support (Solana Mobile SDK):

You can also use this SDK in your react native app:

import { transact, Web3MobileWallet } from '@solana-mobile/mobile-wallet-adapter-protocol-web3js';

For swaps from solana after importing the above functions from Solana Mobile SDK you have to pass a callback function that calls transact function as the signSolanaTransaction parameter of swapFromSolana function:

const signSolanaTransaction = useCallback(
async (tx: Transaction) => {
  return await transact(async (wallet: Web3MobileWallet) => {
    const signedTransactions = await wallet.signTransactions({
      transactions: [tx],

    return signedTransactions[0];

For swaps from EVM you can use useWalletConnectModal hook from WalletConnet to get the provider and pass it to swapFromEvm function as the signer:

import {useWalletConnectModal} from '@walletconnect/modal-react-native';
const { provider: evmWalletProvider} =
const web3Provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(
const signer = web3Provider.getSigner(0);

To learn more about how to use Mayan SDK in a react-native project, you can check this scaffold.

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