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    This repo contains a set of components for displaying and interacting with material science data. These components provide the building blocks for the interactive components of the Materials Project website.

    Local development

    Getting started

    First, clone the mp-react-components repo: git clone

    From inside the top directory, install the dependencies using: npm install

    Deploy the app using: npm start

    Developing components

    All the components are located in src/components

    Create a new folder for each new component and name the folder after the component.

    The file structure for each component should look like the following:

    • MyComponent/
      • MyComponent.tsx
      • index.tsx
      • MyComponent.css
      • MyComponent.test.tsx

    Exporting components

    To add a component to the list of components exported by this library, import and add the component to src/index.ts

    Developing with dash-mp-components

    If you have a local version of dash-mp-components and mp-react-components, you'll probably want to use the local version of mp-react-components for a better development workflow. Running those commands will tell NPM to use your local version of mp-react-components

     cd <DASH_MP_HOME>
     npm link <REACT_MP_HOME>

    Deploy to npm


    Use npm build-publish to build the project. Use npm publish to push to npm


    Every push triggers a build. If the build is succesfull, a snapshot is pushed to npm, as a tagged package. To use the latest snapshot, type the following command

    npm install @materialsproject/mp-react-components@next


    Run npm version minor -m "Upgrade to %s" to add a tag. Once the tag is pushed, an action will build the components and push the package to build to npm

    Deploy storybook to github pages

    This will build and deploy the storybook. Stories are defined in ./src/stories

    npm deploy-storybook




    npm i @materialsproject/mp-react-components

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