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Touch Target

Touch targets are the parts of the screen that respond to user input. They extend beyond the visual bounds of an element. For example, a button may appear to be 48 x 36 px, but the padding surrounding it comprises the full 48 x 48 px touch target.

Material Design spec states that touch targets should be at least 48 x 48 px. The MDC Web library provides mixins and guidance on adding an increased touch target for the following components:

  • Button
  • Chips
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Mini FAB

Design & API Documentation


npm install @material/touch-target

Basic Usage

HTML Structure

For a given button component:

<button class="mdc-button">
  <div class="mdc-button__ripple"></div>
  <span class="mdc-button__label">My Inaccessible Button</span>

You would add an increased touch target as follows:

<div class="mdc-touch-target-wrapper">
  <button class="mdc-button mdc-button--touch">
    <div class="mdc-button__ripple"></div>
    <div class="mdc-button__touch"></div>
    <span class="mdc-button__label">My Accessible Button</span>

Note that the outer mdc-touch-target-wrapper element is only necessary if you want to avoid potentially overlapping touch targets on adjacent elements (due to collapsing margins).


@use "@material/touch-target/mdc-touch-target";

Style Customization

Sass Mixins

Mixin Description
wrapper Applied to the wrapper touch target element.
touch-target Applied to the inner touch target element.
margin Applied to the component root element. Adds margin to compensate for the increased touch target.

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npm i @material/touch-target

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