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Materia Server

Materia Server is the core of Materia. It handles your Materia Application and host them anywhere.

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You can install Materia Server globally using NPM:

$ (sudo) npm install -g @materia/server

or yarn:

$ (sudo) yarn global add @materia/server

then you can use Materia Server in 3 ways:

  • CLI Interface,

  • Javascript interface,

  • HTTP Admin API.

CLI Interface

Manipulating the server

Start the server

$ materia start

Basic information

Get the current version of Materia Server

$ materia version

You can see more information in the Materia documentation.

The guide to use materia deploy

Javascript Interface

The API Reference is available on getmateria.com/docs/api-reference.

You can include these object (using require()) to create a Materia Application and save it on the Filesystem.

HTTP Admin Interface

The API reference is available here.

To interact with your running server through the HTTP Admin API, you first need to authenticate with your root password to retrieve your admin access token.

Your admin token has to be used as Bearer token. You can then use all the protected http endpoints to model your application.


Materia Server is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.


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