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    this is a v4 version of zuritor's jikanjs


    npm install @mateoaranda/jikanjs --save

    wrapped jikan Features

    wrapped MAL Features


    const jikanjs = require('@mateoaranda/jikanjs');

    Modify API URL

    It is possible to change the API Base URL

    jikanjs.settings.setBaseURL('apiurl'); // sets the API Base URL

    API Methods

    • All API functions are promised Based
    • Information of all possible parameters are located at the documentation
    jikanjs.loadAnime(id [, request [, parameters]])
    jikanjs.loadCharacter(id [, request])
    jikanjs.loadClub(id [, request [, page]])
    jikanjs.loadGenres(type [, page [, limit [, filter]]])
    jikanjs.loadManga(id [, request [, page]])
    jikanjs.loadPerson(id [, request])
    jikanjs.loadRecommendations(type [, page])
    jikanjs.loadReviews(type [, page])
    jikanjs.loadSchedule(day [, page [, limit]])
    jikanjs.loadUser(username [, request [, page]])
    jikanjs.loadAnimelist(username [, limit [, offset]])
    jikanjs.loadMangalist(username [, limit [, offset]])
    jikanjs.loadSeason(year, season [, page])
    jikanjs.loadTop(type [, page [, subtype [, filter]]])
    jikanjs.search(type, query [, limit [, parameters]])
    jikanjs.raw(urlParts [, queryParameters [, mal]])


    loadAnime(id [, request [, parameters]])

    id: Anime ID
    request: full, characters, staff, episodes, news, forum, videos, pictures, statistics, moreinfo, recommendations, userupdates, reviews, relations, themes, external
    parameters: query parameters, check the docs for more info

    await jikanjs.loadAnime(31240); // Anime Information
    await jikanjs.loadAnime(31240, 'episodes'); // All Episodes
    await jikanjs.loadAnime(31240, 'episodes', 15); // Episode 15
    await jikanjs.loadAnime(31240, 'forum', { filter: 'episode' });

    loadCharacter(id [, request])

    id: Character ID
    request: full, anime, manga, voices, pictures

    await jikanjs.loadCharacter(118737); // Character information
    await jikanjs.loadCharacter(118737, 'pictures'); // Character pictures

    loadClub(id [, request [, page]])

    id: Club ID
    request: members, staff, relations
    page: Page number, available on members request, default: 1

    await jikanjs.loadClub(73113); // Club information
    await jikanjs.loadClub(73113, 'members', 10); // 10th Page of this club members

    loadGenres(type [, filter])

    type: either anime or manga
    filter: genres, explicit_genres, themes, demographics

    await jikanjs.loadGenres('anime'); // All anime genres
    await jikanjs.loadGenres('manga', 'explicit_genres'); // Manga explicit genres


    page: Page Number, default: 1

    await jikanjs.loadMagazines(); // Magazines collection

    loadManga(id [, request [, page]])

    id: Manga ID
    request: full, characters, news, forum, pictures, statistics, moreinfo, recommendations, userupdates, reviews, relations, external
    page: Page Number, available on news userupdates reviews requests

    await jikanjs.loadManga(74697); // Manga information
    await jikanjs.loadManga(74697, 'reviews', 1); // First page of reviews

    loadPerson(id [, request])

    id: Person ID
    request: anime, voices, manga, pictures

    await jikanjs.loadPerson(34785); // Person information
    await jikanjs.loadPerson(34785, 'voices'); // All Person's Voice Acting Roles


    page: Page Number, default: 1

    await jikanjs.loadProducers(); // Producers collection


    type: anime, manga, characters, people, users

    await jikanjs.loadRandom('anime'); // Some random anime

    loadRecommendations(type [, page])

    type: either anime or manga
    page: Page Number, default: 1

    await jikanjs.loadRecommendations('anime'); // First page of recent anime recommendations

    loadReviews(type [, page])

    type: either anime or manga
    page: Page Number, default: 1

    await jikanjs.loadReviews('manga'); // First page of recent manga reviews

    loadSchedule(day [, page [, limit]])

    day: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, other, unknown
    page: Page Number, default: 1
    limit: Result limit number
    kids: Filter entries with the Kids Genre, Default: false
    sfw: Filter entries with the Hentai Genre, Default: false

    await jikanjs.loadSchedule('monday'); // Monday's anime schedule

    loadUser(username [, request [, page]])

    username: User's username
    request: full, statistics, favorites, userupdates, about, history, friends, reviews, recommendations, clubs
    page: Page number, available on friends reviews recommendations clubs requests

    await jikanjs.loadUser('pepito'); // Profile information
    await jikanjs.loadUser('pepito', 'friends', 6); // 6th page of pepito's friends

    loadAnimelist(username [, limit [, offset]])

    username: User's Username
    limit: Amount of elements to receive, Default: 1000
    offset: Offset, Default: 0

    await jikanjs.loadAnimelist('pepito'); // pepito's animelist

    loadMangalist(username [, limit [, offset]])

    username: User's Username
    limit: Amount of elements to receive, Default: 1000
    offset: Offset, Default: 0

    await jikanjs.loadMangalist('pepito'); /// pepito's mangalist

    loadSeason(year, season [, page])

    year: Season Year (1970-Now)
    season: winter, spring, summer, fall
    page: Page Number, default: 1

    await jikanjs.loadSeason(2021, 'fall'); // First page of Fall 2021 animes


    await jikanjs.loadSeasonArchive(); // Seasons collection


    page: Page Number, default: 1

    await jikanjs.loadCurrentSeason(); // First page of the current season's animes


    page: Page Number, default: 1

    await jikanjs.loadUpcomingSeason(3); // Third page of next season's animes

    loadTop(type [, page [, subtype [, filter]]])

    type: anime, manga, people, characters, reviews
    page: Page Number, default: 1 (25 items per page)
    ⠀⠀anime: tv, movie, ova, special, ona, music
    ⠀⠀manga: manga, novel, lightnovel, oneshot, doujin, manhwa, manhua
    ⠀⠀anime: airing, upcoming, bypopularity, favorite
    ⠀⠀manga: publishing, upcoming, bypopularity, favorite

    await jikanjs.loadTop('anime'); // Top 25 animes
    await jikanjs.loadTop('anime', 1, 'movie'); // First page of top anime movies

    search(type, query [, limit [, parameters]])

    type: anime, manga, people, characters, clubs
    query: search term
    limit: results limit number
    parameters: extra query parameters, see docs for more info on this

    await jikanjs.search('characters', 'Emilia', 1); // Search for a character named "Emilia"

    (EXTRA) raw(urlParts [, queryParameters [, mal]])

    urlParts: Array with api endpoint path, e.g. [anime, 1] to load the anime with the id of 1
    queryParameters: query parameters, needs to be a key value pair like { page: 1 }
    mal: Request to MAL API? Default: false

    await jikanjs.raw(['anime', 1]); // Same as loadAnime(1);


    npm i @mateoaranda/jikanjs

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