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    This plugin is designed to create a footer area at the base of your sidebar (or page) where you can list a copyright year (range), your name or company with a URL, and links to a privacy policy, terms of service, and a cookies policy.


    Update index.html file

    Assuming you have a working docsify framework set up, it is easy to use the plugin.

    1. Add the following script tag to your index.html via either CDN or downloading it and using it locally:

      <!-- -->
      <script src=""></script>
      <!-- jsDelivr -->
      <script src=""></script>
      <!-- locally -->
      <script src="docsify-sidebarfooter.min.js"></script>
    2. In docsify setup configure the plugin:

      window.$docsify = {
        autoFooter: {
          name:       String,          // company display name (required)
          copyYear:   Int,             // start copyright year (required)
          url:        String,          // company url (optional)
          policy:     Bool | String,   // show Privacy Policy (optional)
          terms:      Bool | String,   // show Terms of Service (optional)
          cookies:    Bool | String,   // show Cookies Policy (optional)
          onBody:     Bool             // if true it is on the main doc

    npm install

    Or if you're using npm to manage your dependencies:

    npm i @markbattistella/docsify-sidebarfooter

    Additional files

    If you are using the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or Cookie links, then add the files to the root (next to index.html). However, if you inputted strings make sure they are in the location of that path with the correct filename.

    | docs/                      | docs/
    |-- index.html               |-- site/
    |--              |----
    |--                |----
    |--              |----


    There are some options available for the docsify-sidebarfooter:

    setting required type options
    name Y String your name or company
    copyYear Y String first year of copyright
    url N String url you want the name to link to
    policy N Bool or String path to policy
    terms N Bool or String path to terms
    cookies N Bool or String path to cookies
    onBody N Bool display in the body not sidebar


    At the bottom of your file add the following code:

    <footer id="mb-footer"></footer>


    1. Clone the repo:

      git clone

    2. Create your feature branch:

      git checkout -b my-feature

    3. Commit your changes:

      git commit -am 'Add some feature'

    4. Push to the branch:

      git push origin my-new-feature

    5. Submit the pull request


    npm i @markbattistella/docsify-sidebarfooter

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