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vue-tmap, a high-performance map component library for Vue3 based on Tencent Maps and TypeScript encapsulation, has the following features:

  • Improve documentation: improve the readability of documentation based on official documentation and framework usage, and improve component examples
  • Componentization: Encapsulate the Tencent Maps imperative api as a responsive component, no need to care about the complex map api, only need to operate the data
  • Multi-framework: including react-tmap and vue-tmap, and share the same set of type definitions
  • Type-safe: supplemented the type declaration of Tencent Maps sdk, components are also developed using TypeScript, a better development experience
  • Custom components: provide an open map instance, you can write custom components or directly call the map's native api
  • Performance optimization: unify the map api calling method and data monitoring to prevent performance problems caused by misuse of the map api

Documentation and Examples

Welcome to Official document address to view more map components.

Main Components

tmap-class vue component Introduction
Map tmap-map Map base components
MultiMarker tmap-multi-marker Multiple Marker Points
MultiPolyline tmap-multi-polyline Polyline
MultiPolygon tmap-multi-polygon Polygon
MultiLabel tmap-multi-label Text Labeling
MultiCircle tmap-multi-circle Circle
DOMOverlay tmap-dom-overlay DOM overlay abstract class
InfoWindow tmap-info-window Information prompt window
MarkerCluster tmap-marker-cluster Point Aggregation

Quick start


npm install @map-component/vue-tmap

Apply for Tencent map key


Simple example


<script lang="ts">
import { defineComponent, ref } from 'vue';

export default defineComponent({
  name: 'Home',
  setup() {
    const center = ref({ lat: 30.290756, lng: 120.074387 });
    const zoom = ref(10);
    const doubleClickZoom = ref(true);
    const print = (e: unknown) => {
    return {
      events: {
        dblclick: print,
      control: {
        scale: {},
        zoom: {
          position: 'bottomRight',

mapKey is the newly applied key

Contribution Guidelines

Thanks to all the technical enthusiasts who participated in the contribution, let's build an easy-to-use map component library together

Commit bug

Please submit a bug through issue, and describe in detail how to reproduce the error and the version of dependencies. It is best to display the reproduced code through an online code editor.

Submit code

Please submit your code via pull request and we'll take a look soon

Start development

git clone xxx

cd react-tmap // cd vue-tmap

npm install

npm run dev

communicate with

Add WeChat group after open source


npm i @map-component/vue-tmap

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