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Magnolia Light Development CLI tool

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An npm package providing a CLI tool to setup and facilitate Light development with Magnolia. For a complete reference of the npm-cli, please have a look at Magnolia npm-cli documentation.


Before installation make sure you have Node.js installed (>= 6.0, recommended latest LTS version)

Install the package globally

Magnolia CLI 2.1.0 is out and available on npm public repository

npm install @magnolia/cli -g or

npm update @magnolia/cli -g

Alternatively you can checkout the latest code and simply install it from source with

npm install -g


To invoke a command, execute mgnl <command> [options] on your shell.

To see what commands are available simply enter mgnl -h (or mgnl --help)

jumpstart                download and setup a Magnolia CMS instance for development.
start                    start up a Magnolia CMS instance. To stop it, enter CTRL+C
add-availability         add component availability.
build                    scan a node_modules folder for npm packages with the keyword "magnolia-light-module" (in package.json) and extract them to a directory of choice.
create-component         create a component and optionally add availability for it.
create-light-module      create a light module.
create-page              create a page template.
customize-local-config   extract "mgnl-cli-prototypes" folder and "mgnl-cli.json" file to customize CLI configuration.
install                  install a light module from npm to the local Magnolia instance.
search                   search a light module.
tab-completion           install tab autocomplete feature for Bash, zsh or PowerShell
help [cmd]               display help for [cmd]


As of version 2.1.0 two new commands have been added:

  • search which helps you to discover light modules on npm
  • install to easily install a light module from the registry into your light modules folder

As of version 2.0 the setup command has been replaced with customize-local-config (or its alias customise-local-config, yes with an s instead of z) because we thought it was a better name :)

To get help for any of the subcommands, simply enter mgnl <subcommand> -h.

E.g. mgnl create-light-module -h will output:

  Usage: mgnl-create-light-module <moduleName> [options]
  Creates a light module. Light modules are created under a 'root' folder which is observed by Magnolia for changes. The path to such folder is the value of 'magnolia.resources.dir' property at <magnoliaWebapp>/WEB-INF/config/default/
    -h, --help         output usage information
    -V, --version      output the version number
    -p, --path <path>  The path to the light modules root folder. If no path is provided, then the current directory is assumed to be the light modules root folder and the module will be created here.

Shell autocompletion

This package provides a basic tab autocompletion feature for Bash, Z-Shell (zsh) and PowerShell. To enable it, simply run:

mgnl tab-completion install

This will scan your system for shell initialization hooks (like .bashrc or .profile) and install it accordingly.

Tab autocompletion can be disabled again by running (while mgnl cli is still installed):

mgnl tab-completion uninstall