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WAGMI Magic Connector

WAGMI Connector to connect with Magic. Magic is a developer SDK that you can integrate into your application to enable passwordless authentication using magic links, OTPs, OAuth from third-party services, and more for your web3 App.

Special thanks to the Everipedia team for creating the connector and working with us for ongoing support and maintenance.

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⬇️ Install

Two versions of the wagmi-magic-connector are available, each designed to support different WAGMI versions.

Note: It is crucial not to mix up these versions to ensure compatibility and functionality.

V1 This version utilizes WAGMI version 1. To install, use the following command:

npm install @magiclabs/wagmi-connector@1.1.5 or yarn install @magiclabs/wagmi-connector@1.1.5

V2 (Beta) This version utilizes and includes the latest WAGMI v2 features.

To install, use the following command:

npm install @magiclabs/wagmi-connector or yarn install @magiclabs/wagmi-connector

We actively encourage the community to participate in testing the versions of wagmi-magic-connector and to report any issues or suggestions for improvement. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance the quality and stability of the connector.

🔎 Package TL;DR

The package contains two main connector classes: DedicatedWalletConnector & UniversalWalletConnector

DedicatedWalletConnector is a connector integrated to the Dedicated Wallet product. It is useful if you need to assign an address to your user.

UniversalWalletConnector is a connector integrated to the Universal Wallet product. It can be used to assign a read-write wallet to your user.

DEPRECATED: MagicAuthConnector and MagicConnectConnector have been replaced by DedicatedWalletConnector and UniversalWalletConnector in order to line up with Magic's product names changes. However, they are still usable and will function as they did before.

⭐ Usage

import { DedicatedWalletConnector, UniversalWalletConnector } from '@magiclabs/wagmi-connector';

// Dedicated Wallet integration
const connector = new DedicatedWalletConnector({
  options: {
    apiKey: YOUR_MAGIC_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY, //required
    //...Other options

// Universal Wallet integration 
const connector = new UniversalWalletConnector({
  options: {
    apiKey: YOUR_MAGIC_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY, //required
    //...Other options



The following can be passed to connector options object:

Key Value DedicatedWalletConnector support UniversalWalletConnector support Description
accentColor css color (hex/rgb/etc...) ✔️ ✔️ 🎨 (Optional) Makes modal to use the custom accentColor instead of default purple
isDarkMode true / false ✔️ ✔️ 🎨 (Optional) Makes modal dark mode if true. Default value is false
customLogo path_to_logo / url ✔️ ✔️ 🎨 (Optional) Makes modal to use the custom logo instead of default magic logo
customHeaderText string ✔️ ✔️ 🎨 (Optional) Makes modal to use the custom header text instead of default text at the bottom of logo
enableSMSLogin true / false ✔️ 🌟 (Optional) Makes modal to enable SMS login if true. Default value is false
enableEmailLogin true / false ✔️ 🌟 (Optional) Makes modal to disable Email login if false. Default value is true
OAuthOptions object ✔️ 🌟 (Optional) Makes modal to enable OAuth login according to configuration passed.
magicSdkConfiguration object ✔️ ✔️ 🛠️ (Optional) Pass additional options to Magic constructor (refer Magic API documentation for more)
networks array of EthNetworkConfiguration ✔️ 🛠️ (Optional) Pass the list of network compatible to switch networks


The following can be passed to options.OAuthOptions object to configure OAuth login:

Key Value Description
providers array of strings 🌟 (Required) List of providers to enable. check out all possible providers in OAuthOptions section above
callbackUrl string 🌟 (Optional) Callback URL to redirect to after authentication. Default value is current URL.


Here are all the possible providers:

  • google
  • facebook
  • apple
  • github
  • bitbucket
  • gitlab
  • linkedin
  • twitter
  • discord
  • twitch
  • microsoft

Callback URL

You can provide a callback URL to redirect the user to after authentication. the default callback URL is set to the current URL.

🍀 Supported Logins

Key DedicatedWalletConnector support UniversalWalletConnector support
Email ✔️ ✔️
SMS ✔️
Social Logins ✔️
Multifactor Authentication

🔆 Examples

🌟 Enable Login by Socials (OAuth)

You configure OAuth with magic by adding the following options to the connector:

const connector = new DedicatedWalletConnector({
  options: {
    apiKey: YOUR_MAGIC_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY, //required
    oauthOptions : {
      providers: ['facebook', 'google', 'twitter'],
      callbackUrl: 'https://your-callback-url.com', //optional

To retrieve the Magic redirect result when a user is authenticated and logged in, use JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("magicRedirectResult")). This will give you access to the redirect result object. The object will be removed from localStorage once the user disconnects.

📲 Enable SMS Authentication

You can enable SMS authentication by adding the following options to the connector:

const connector = new DedicatedWalletConnector({
  options: {
    apiKey: YOUR_MAGIC_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY, //required
    enableSMSLogin: true, //optional (default: false)
    //...Other options

You have to enable SMS authentication in your Magic dashboard first to make it work.

📧 Disable Email Authentication

By default Email is set to true as default. if you wish to remove Email OTP, pass enableEmailLogin: false in options object as follows :

const connector = new DedicatedWalletConnector({
  options: {
    apiKey: YOUR_MAGIC_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY, //required
    enableEmailLogin: false, //optional (default: true)
    //...Other options

🎨 Modal Customization

You can customize the modal's theme, default accent color, logo and header text.

import { DedicatedWalletConnector } from '@magiclabs/wagmi-connector';

const connector = new DedicatedWalletConnector({
  options: {
    accentColor: '#ff0000',
    customLogo: 'https://example.com/logo.png',
    headerText: 'Login to your account',
    isDarkMode: true,

check out the API Section for more information. for complete styling, you can override styles of the modal with ! important.

📚 Additional Resources

Usage with RainbowKit

To use the connector with Rainbow kit, create a new file RainbowMagicConnector.ts with following contents:

// RainbowMagicConnector.ts

import { UniversalWalletConnector } from '@magiclabs/wagmi-connector';

export const rainbowMagicConnector = ({ chains }: any) => ({
  id: 'magic',
  name: 'Magic',
  iconUrl: 'https://svgshare.com/i/iJK.svg',
  iconBackground: '#fff',
  createConnector: () => {
    const connector = new UniversalWalletConnector({
      chains: chains,
      options: {
        magicSdkConfiguration: {
          network: {
            rpcUrl: 'https://polygon-rpc.com', // your ethereum, polygon, or optimism mainnet/testnet rpc URL
            chainId: 137,
        //...Other options (check out full API below)
    return {

Note: options.magicSdkConfiguration.network.chainId is mandatory for the integration with RainbowKit to properly work.

Import the above file to your application root where you wrap your application with WagmiConfig component. pass the client prop with createClient instance to the WagmiConfig component as shown below:

// App.tsx

// ...
const { chains, publicClient, webSocketPublicClient } =
const connectors = connectorsForWallets([
    groupName: 'Recommended',
    wallets: [
      //... other wallets connectors
      rainbowMagicConnector({ chains }),
const wagmiConfig = createConfig({
	autoConnect: false,
function MyApp({ Component, pageProps }: AppProps) {
  return (
    <WagmiConfig config={wagmiConfig}>
      <RainbowKitProvider chains={chains}>
        <Component {...pageProps} />
export default MyApp;

This procedure might change depending on the version of Rainbow kit you are using so please check the documentation of the Rainbow kit if it is not working.

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