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Product Recommendations SDK

The Recommendations JavaScript SDK is a web services API wrapper that allows you to fetch and render recommendations programmatically in the browser. With the SDK, you do not need to manage the full lifecycle or understand the complexity of the web services API.



Before installing the Product Recommendations JavaScript SDK, make sure you have installed the DataServices Module and the Catalog SaaS Export module.

Product Recommendations JavaScript SDK

This SDK can be pulled down from a CDN or installed as a module from NPM.


The SDK is published on a CDN in versioned directories.

<script src="https://magento-recs-sdk.adobe.net/v1/index.js"></script>


npm install @magento/recommendations-js-sdk

Initializing the client

To programmatically fetch and render recommendations on your web site, you must first initialize your client by calling new RecommendationsClient().

Example usage

const client = new RecommendationsClient()

When you initialize the client, your store's environmentId, instanceId, storeCode, storeViewCode, and websiteCode values are automatically retrieved by the SDK.

Registering recommendations

With the client initialized, register the recommendations you want by calling the client.register() function and specifying the recommendation type.

Example usage

The following example registers a recommendation with a type of most-viewed.

    name: "Most Viewed Products",
    type: "most-viewed",

The following example shows how to filter a recommendation that has a base price of less than $200.

    name: "Most Viewed, Under $200",
    type: "most-viewed",
    filter: "prices.maximum.regular: <200",


The client.register() function contains the following inputs.

Input Description
name The user-specified name of the recommendation unit
type Options: most-viewed, most-purchased, most-added-to-cart, trending, just-for-you, viewed-viewed, viewed-bought, bought-bought, and more-like-this
filter String used to filter the results. If you are setting a filter based on price, you must use the base currency specified for your store. Currency conversion is currently not supported when filtering
search Defines the search criteria for your custom recommendation. This input contains the signal attribute. In non-custom recommendations, the values specified in this attribute are the types defined above. However, in a custom recommendation, the value is "query". search might also contain a key attribute, such as "categories:(159 OR 377)". The key attribute is not required by all custom recommendations. Some types require you to be on a product page, which would mean you know the current SKU. Other types are more broad, and do not require you to have any specific filter data as they are site wide. Site wide types do not require the key attribute. Possible key values are: user_purchase_history, cart, current_pdp, user_view_history, and <custom query>
boost User-specified value that indicates the rank of a specific recommendation


Currently, you can filter on categories and prices.


To include specific categories:

categories: (<url-key-1> OR <url-key-2> OR ...)

To exclude specific categories (note the - at the beginning):

-categories: (<url-key-1> OR <url-key-2> OR ...)


To filter based on a specific price point (note that these filters use $50 has the price point):

prices.maximum.final: <50 prices.maximum.regular: <=50 prices.minimum.final: >50 prices.minimum.regular: >=50

Registering custom recommendations

Instead of using one of the built-in types, the SDK provides a way to define a custom type by calling the client.register() function and passing in specific search criteria. For example, you can pass in a search query, such as "categories:(159 OR 377)" to register a recommendation that has a category ID of either 159 or 377.

Fetching recommendations

You can fetch the registered recommendations by calling the client.fetch() function.

Example usage

const {status, data} = await client.fetch()

The following shows an example of the fetched recommendations. This example is intentionally truncated.

    "units": [
            "unitId": "45687",
            "unitName": "test-recs",
            "searchTime": 10,
            "totalResults": 3,
            "results": [
                    "rank": 1,
                    "score": 0.38299224,
                    "sku": "35123",
                    "name": "Pursuit Lumaflex&trade; Tone Band",
                    "shortDescription": null,
                    "type": "simple",
                    "categories": [
                    "weight": 0.0,
                    "weightType": null,
                    "currency": "USD",
                    "image": {
                        "label": "",
                        "url": "http://magento2sc.local/pub/media/catalog/product/cache/fbb00452bcc1f45faf89264b683c708f/u/g/ug02-bk-0.jpg"
                    "smallImage": {
                        "label": "",
                        "url": "http://magento2sc.local/pub/media/catalog/product/cache/fbb00452bcc1f45faf89264b683c708f/u/g/ug02-bk-0.jpg"
                    "thumbnailImage": null,
                    "swatchImage": null,
                    "parents": [],
                    "url": "http://magento2sc.local/pursuit-lumaflex-trade-tone-band.html",
                    "prices": {
                        "maximum": {
                            "finalAdjustments": [],
                            "final": 16.0,
                            "regular": 16.0,
                            "regularAdjustments": []
                        "minimum": {
                            "finalAdjustments": [],
                            "final": 16.0,
                            "regular": 16.0,
                            "regularAdjustments": []


The client.fetch() function contains the following inputs.

Input Description
ids Specifies the IDs of the recommendations. If unspecified, all recommendations are fetched; otherwise, only those recommendations you specify are fetched
limit (Optional) Specifies the number of recommendations to fetch. The maximum is 25
offset (Optional) Specifies where in the recommendations array to begin fetching the recommendations
currentSku The SKU of the product on the current product page
cartSkus The SKUs of the products within the cart
userViewHistorySkus List of SKUs the user recently viewed
userViewHistory List of recent user views
userPurchaseHistory List of recent user purchases

Injecting recommendations on your web site

To display recommendations on your web site, you need to define a template for the recommendation then render the recommendation on the web site.

Defining a template

The SDK works with the mustache.js template.

Rendering a recommendation on your web site

The client.render() function creates a string of HTML you can then place on your web site.


The client.render() function contains the following inputs.

Input Description
template A mustache.js HTML template string. Uses reserved variable names such as {{#rec-items}} : {{url}}, {{image}}, {{title}}, {{price}}, which are keys returned in the unit object
unit An object returned by the client.fetch method that contains the results

Using the SDK from start to finish

The following example shows a sample workflow beginning with importing the SDK to rendering the recommendation.

import RecommendationsClient from "@magento/recommendations-js-sdk"

// create the client
const client = new RecommendationsClient()

// register pre-built recommendation unit
    name: "Most Viewed Products",
    type: "most-viewed",

// retrieve recommendations for all units
const {status, data} = await client.fetch()

// render the markup
const markup = client.render({
    unit: data.units[0],

// insert the markup
document.body.insertAdjacentHTML("beforeend", markup)


npm i @magento/recommendations-js-sdk

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