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Stl - Sql function tagged template literal library

Stl is a JS library that simplifies the creation of parameterized SQL statements. It shares the interface and a significant portion of logic from porsager's postgres.js for constructing both safe and unsafe SQL. The key distinction with Stl is that it doesn't handle database connectivity. This gives developers the freedom to combine it with their preferred database library.

This library exists so that we can build MVP and prototypes with little to no friction when working with databases. It is biased towards sqlite being the storage layer of choice.

Quick start

Install stl

$ npm install @m5nv/stl

Use it

For stl to work effectively, it requires integration with a database library of your choice. Essentially, stl is compatible with any database library that supports parameterized SQL statements. In the code snippet below, simply swap out <your-favorite-database-library> with the actual database library you're using.

import stl from '@m5nv/stl'
import db from '<your-favorite-database-library>'

const sql = stl({debug: false});
const name = "Mur", age = 60;
const query = sql`
    from users
      name like ${name + "%"}
      and age > ${age}

const result = await db.all(query.string, query.parameters);

Development and testing

  • run npm i to install dev dependencies
  • cd test && npm link @m5nv/stl to link to src in development
  • npm run test || npm run test:coverage to test


identifiers and keywords in SQL:

  • 'keyword' A keyword in single quotes is a string literal.
  • "keyword" A keyword in double-quotes is an identifier.
  • identifier is a string that names an object/entity.

Overview of interpolation syntax

stl can interpolate the following use cases:

Interpolation syntax Usage Example
${ sql`` } for keywords or sql fragments sql`SELECT * FROM users ${sql`order by age desc` }`
${ sql(string) } for identifiers sql`SELECT * FROM ${sql('table_name')`
${ sql([] or {}, ...) } for helpers sql`INSERT INTO users ${sql({ name: 'Peter'})}`
${ 'somevalue' } for literal values sql`SELECT * FROM users WHERE age = ${42}`


Consult porsager's queries section as a reference. Please file a bug report if you find any discrepancy with the interpolation.

Deviation from porsager's postgres library

Remove origin of Error reporting from stl layer


  • the original implementation's optimization leads to faulty origin
  • probably best implemented at the application layer
  • Read more here

Error codes are specfied in cause of Error instead of in code


  • reuse platform provided ways and means...

Remove code for transforming data


  • new code is unlikely to use this feature (?)
  • better handled at the application layer


Database security and SQL Injection

The no ORM camp


SQL standard and differences

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