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    LSK.js – uapp

    @lskjs/uapp – LSK universal react app wrapper

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    Table of contents

    ⌨️ Install

    # yarn
    yarn i @lskjs/uapp @lskjs/i18 @lskjs/link @lskjs/scroll axios bluebird lodash mobx mobx-react prop-types react
    # npm
    npm i @lskjs/uapp @lskjs/i18 @lskjs/link @lskjs/scroll axios bluebird lodash mobx mobx-react prop-types react


    А также:

    • Express async router
    • Json Web Token
    • Bunyan logger with updated view


    Токен можно прикладывать следующими методами

    • в Header Authorization: Bearer %USER_TOKEN%
    • в Header X-Access-Token: %USER_TOKEN%
    • в Cookie: token=%USER_TOKEN%
    • в GET параметр: ?token=%USER_TOKEN%

    Bunyan log levels

    LSKit принимает стоковый Bunyan логгер

    log.trace('Starting method');
    if (!req.user) {
      log.fatal('Cannot get User');
      throw new Error('Cannot get User')
    }'Method success');

    Log levels

    • fatal
    • error
    • warn
    • info
    • debug
    • trace

    Что еще нужно дописать

    • Что из себя представляет модуль
    • Что такое мидлвара?
    • Что такое ресурс? Resource ENDPOINT
    • Универсальная модель?
    • Документация со swagger

    Getting Started


    • Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux
    • Node.js v6.5 or newer
    • npm v3.10 or newer (new to npm?)
    • node-gyp prerequisites mentioned here
    • Text editor or IDE pre-configured with React/JSX/Flow/ESlint (learn more)

    Структура проекта

    Before you start, take a moment to see how the project structure looks like:

    ├── /build/                     # Директория в которую билдится проект
    ├── /node_modules/              # Сторонние библиотеки и утилиты
    ├── /src/                       # Исходный код приложения
    │   ├── /CoreApp/               # Базовое приложение
    │   │   ├── /api/               # Интерфейс клиент-серверного взаимодействия
    │   │   ├── /middlewares/       # Среднии слои express
    │   │   ├── /models/            # Модели базы данных
    │   │   ├── /resourses/         # Ресурсы
    │   │   ├── CoreApp.js          # Класс-реализация базового приложения
    │   │   ├── requests.js         # Реквесты приложения
    │   │   └── responses.js        # Респонсы приложения
    │   ├── /ReactApp/              # Базовое приложение
    │   │   ├── /compoents/         # React компоненты
    │   │   ├── /Html/              # Класс-реализа
    │   │   ├── /Html/              # Класс-реализа
    │   │   ├── /Html/              # Класс-реализа
    │   │   ├── /routes/            # Роутер с страницами\экранами, которые являются React компонентами
    │   │   ├── /models/            # Модели базы данных
    │   │   ├── /resourses/         # Ресурсы
    │   │   ├── /routes/            # Роутер с страницами\экранами, которые являются React компонентами
    │   │   ├── /stores/            # Сторы React приложения
    │   │   ├   └── /AppStore.js    # Главный стор React приложения
    │   │   ├── ReactApp.client.js  # Класс-реализация базового приложения на клиенте
    │   │   ├── ReactApp.server.js  # Класс-реализация базового приложения на сервере
    │   │   ├── requests.js         # Реквесты приложения
    │   │   └── responses.js        # Респонсы приложения
    │   ├── /client.js              # Точка входа Клиентского приложения
    │   ├── /config                 # Общие настройки проекта
    │   └── /server.js              # Точка входа Сервернрнр приложения
    ├── /test/                      # Модульные и интеграционные тесты
    ├── /tools/                     # Скрипты и утилиты для автоматизации сборки проекта
    │   ├── /config.js              # Конфигурация сборки проекта
    │   ├── /run.js                 # Система запуска сборки
    │   └── /webpack.config.js      # Конфигурация Вебпака для клинстких и серверных бандлов
    └── package.json                # Список сторонних библиотек и утилит

    Note: The current version of RSK does not contain a Flux implementation. It can be easily integrated with any Flux library of your choice. The most commonly used Flux libraries are Flux, Redux, and Relay.

    Quick Start

    1. Get the latest version

    You can start by cloning the latest version of React Starter Kit (RSK) on your local machine by running:

    $ git clone -o lego-starter-kit -b master --single-branch \
    $ cd MyApp

    Alternatively, you can start a new project based on RSK right from WebStorm IDE, or by using Yeoman generator.

    2. Run npm install

    This will install both run-time project dependencies and developer tools listed in package.json file.

    3. Run npm start

    This command will build the app from the source files (/src) into the output /build folder. As soon as the initial build completes, it will start the Node.js server (node build/server.js) and Browsersync with HMR on top of it.

    http://localhost:3000/ — Node.js server (build/server.js)
    http://localhost:3000/graphql — GraphQL server and IDE
    http://localhost:3001/ — BrowserSync proxy with HMR, React Hot Transform
    http://localhost:3002/ — BrowserSync control panel (UI)

    Now you can open your web app in a browser, on mobile devices and start hacking. Whenever you modify any of the source files inside the /src folder, the module bundler (Webpack) will recompile the app on the fly and refresh all the connected browsers.


    Note that the npm start command launches the app in development mode, the compiled output files are not optimized and minimized in this case. You can use --release command line argument to check how your app works in release (production) mode:

    $ npm start -- --release

    NOTE: double dashes are required

    How to Build, Test, Deploy

    If you need just to build the app (without running a dev server), simply run:

    $ npm run build

    or, for a production build:

    $ npm run build -- --release

    or, for a production docker build:

    $ npm run build -- --release --docker

    NOTE: double dashes are required

    After running this command, the /build folder will contain the compiled version of the app. For example, you can launch Node.js server normally by running node build/server.js.

    To check the source code for syntax errors and potential issues run:

    $ npm run lint

    To launch unit tests:

    $ npm test              # Run unit tests with Mocha
    $ npm run test:watch    # Launch unit test runner and start watching for changes

    By default, Mocha test runner is looking for test files matching the src/**/*.test.js pattern. Take a look at src/components/Layout/Layout.test.js as an example.

    To deploy the app, run:

    $ npm run deploy

    The deployment script tools/deploy.js is configured to push the contents of the /build folder to a remote server via Git. You can easily deploy your app to Azure Web Apps, or Heroku this way. Both will execute npm install --production upon receiving new files from you. Note, you should only deploy the contents of the /build folder to a remote server.

    How to Update

    If you need to keep your project up to date with the recent changes made to RSK, you can always fetch and merge them from this repo back into your own project by running:

    $ git checkout master
    $ git fetch lego-starter-kit
    $ git merge lego-starter-kit/master
    $ npm install

    📖 License

    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

    👥 Contributors

    Igor Suvorov

    💻 🎨 🤔

    👏 Contributing

    1. Fork it (
    2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b features/fooBar)
    3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'feat(image): Add some fooBar')
    4. Push to the branch (git push origin feature/fooBar)
    5. Create a new Pull Request

    📮 Any questions? Always welcome :)


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