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Hipchat Appender for Log4JS

This is an optional appender for log4js.

npm install @log4js-node/hipchat

The hipchat appender will send every log message it receives to a hipchat server, over HTTP. It uses the hipchat-notifier library. If you're not sure what some of the configuration options below mean, then check the documentation for hipchat-notifier, and the hipchat docs themselves.


  • type - hipchat
  • hipchat_token - string - User token with notification privileges
  • hipchat_room - string - Room ID or name
  • hipchat_from - string (optional, defaults to empty string) - a label to say where the message is from
  • hipchat_notify - boolean (optional, defaults to false) - make hipchat annoy people
  • hipchat_host - string (optional, defaults to api.hipchat.com) - set this if you have your own hipchat server
  • hipchat_response_callback - function (optional, defaults to only throwing errors) - implement this function if you want intercept the responses from hipchat
  • layout - (optional, defaults to messagePassThroughLayout) - see layouts

Example (default config)

  appenders: {
    squawk: { type: 'hipchat', hipchat_token: 'abc123', hipchat_room: 'ops' }
  categories: {
    default: { appenders: ['squawk'], level: 'error'}

This will result in all error (and above) messages being sent to the hipchat room "ops".

Example (use all the options!)

  appenders: {
    squawk: {
      type: 'hipchat',
      hipchat_token: 'abc123',
      hipchat_room: 'things_are_on_fire',
      hipchat_from: 'Hal9000',
      hipchat_notify: true,
      hipchat_host: 'hipchat.yourorganisation.com',
      hipchat_response_callback: function(err, response) {
        console.log("I got a response from hipchat: ", response);
  categories: {
    default: { appenders: ['squawk'], level: 'info' }

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