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Analytic tools for Spirit Design System.

Spirit-analytics is a simple CLI tool, which parses a repository with react-scanner. The output is a JSON file or files with collected data.


npm install --save-dev @lmc-eu/spirit-analytics

# Yarn
yarn add -D @lmc-eu/spirit-analytics


Running the command without arguments will use the working directory as a root and parse the entire directory structure from this point.


You can parse only specific directories from the project with --source argument:

spirit-analytics --source ./frontend

By default, the output will be saved into the .scanner directory, but you can specify the path with the --output argument:

spirit-analytics --output path/to/folder

The react-scanner requires a config file to make it work, spirit-analytics has a default config inside, but if you need to, you can use your own config:

spirit-analytics --config path/to/config

You can easily switch from React scanner to Twig scanner using type argument. By default, both scanners will be used.

spirit-analytics --type react

You can run spirit-analytics --help to get a list of available options and examples.


You can provide your own configuration file in the following format:

export default {
  react: {
    // react-scanner config; @see https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-scanner#config-file
  twig: {
    crawlFrom: './',
    exclude: ['node_modules', 'dist', 'build', 'coverage', 'public', 'vendor', 'storybook-static'],
    configFile: './config/spirit-web-twig.yml',
    outputFile: './.scanner/adoption-data-twig.json',
    coreComponentsPath: './vendor/lmc/spirit-web-twig-bundle/src/Resources/twig-components',

Configuration Options


👉 react-scanner Configuration Options


Option Type Description
crawlFrom string The path of the directory to start crawling from.
exclude array or function Each array item should be a string or a regex. When crawling, if directory name matches exactly the string item or matches the regex item, it will be excluded from crawling. For more complex scenarios, exclude can be a a function that accepts a directory name and should return true if the directory should be excluded from crawling.
configFile string Path to the local spirit-web-twig.yml configuration file.
outputFile string Path to the file where the result of the analysis will be stored.
coreComponentsPath string Path to the directory where are core Spirit components installed.

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