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Llama Pack is a Command Line Interface (CLI) that helps developers to create a Project for an Android application that launches an existing Progressive Web App (PWA) using a Trusted Web Activity (TWA).

Important: llama-pack is still under active development. The tool hasn't been tested on a wide range of Web APKs, and bootstraping a new project may fail in those cases. Please, file issues, feature requests, and contribute with pull requests, if possible.


Setting up the Environment

Get the Java Development Kit (JDK) 8.

The Android Command line tools requires the correct version of the JDK to run. To prevent version conflicts with a JDK version that is already installed, llama-pack uses a JDK that can unzipped in a separate folder.

Download a version of JDK 8 that is compatible with your OS from AdoptOpenJDK and extract it in its own folder.

Warning: Using a version lower than 8 will make it impossible to compile the project and higher versions are incompatible with the Android command line tools.

Get the Android command line tools

Download a version of Android command line tools that is compatible with your OS from Create a folder and extract the downloaded file into it.

Tell llama-pack where the JDK and Android command line tools are

When running llama-pack for the first time, it will ask where it can find the JDK and Android command line tools. So, take note of the location where both were decompressed.

Using llama-pack

Installing llama-pack

npm i -g @llama-pack/cli

Initializing an Android Project

Generate an Android project from an existing Web Manifest:

llama-pack init --manifest

When initalizing a project, llama-pack will download the Web Manifest and ask you to confirm the values that should be used when building the Android project.

It will also ask you for the details needed to generate a signing key, used to sign the app before uploading to the Play Store.

Building the Android Project

llama-pack build

When building the project for the first time, the Android Build Tools will need to be installed. The tool will inkove the installation process for the build tools. Make sure to read and accept the license agreement before proceeding.

As a result of the build step, the tool will generate a signed APK (app-release-signed.apk) that can be uploaded to the Play Store. You will also need to deploy a Digital Asset Links file to validate your domain. The TWA Quick Start Guide explains how to extract the information needed to generate it.


See CONTRIBUTING for more.


See LICENSE for more.


This is not a Google product.




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