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This submodule defines a PKPBase class, providing shared wallet functionality for Ethers and Cosmos signers, responsible for managing public key compression, initializing and connecting to the LIT node, running LIT actions, and offering debug functions for logging and error handling.

Method/Property Description
compressPubKey(pubKey: string) Compresses a provided public key
setUncompressPubKeyAndBuffer(prop: PKPBaseProp) Sets the uncompressed public key and its buffer representation
setCompressedPubKeyAndBuffer(prop: PKPBaseProp) Sets the compressed public key and its buffer representation
setLitAction(prop: PKPBaseProp) Sets the Lit action to be executed by the LitNode client
setLitActionJsParams<CustomType extends T = T>(params: CustomType) Sets the value of the litActionJsParams property to the given params object
createAndSetSessionSigs(sessionParams: GetSessionSigsProps) Creates and sets the session sigs and their expiration
init() Initializes the PKPBase instance by connecting to the LIT node
runLitAction(toSign: Uint8Array, sigName: string) Runs the specified Lit action with the given parameters
ensureLitNodeClientReady() Ensures that the LitNode client is ready for use
log(...args: any[]) Logs the provided arguments to the console, but only if debugging is enabled
throwError(message: string) Logs an error message to the console and throws an Error with the same message

node.js / browser

yarn add @lit-protocol/pkp-base

Vanilla JS (UMD)

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@lit-protocol/pkp-base-vanilla/pkp-base.js"></script>



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npm i @lit-protocol/pkp-base

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