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Export HTML table to valid excel file effortlessly. This library uses guyonroche/exceljs under the hood to create the excel.
(Initial version of this library was using protobi/js-xlsx, it can be found here)



Just add a script tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src="../dist/tableToExcel.js"></script>


npm install @linways/table-to-excel --save
import TableToExcel from "@linways/table-to-excel";


Create your HTML table as normal.
To export content of table #table1 run:



TableToExcel.convert(document.getElementById("table1"), {
  name: "table1.xlsx",
  sheet: {
    name: "Sheet 1"

Check this pen for working example.

Cell Types

Cell types can be set using the following data attributes:

Attribute Description Possible Values
data-t To specify the data type of a cell s : String (Default)
n : Number
b : Boolean
d : Date
data-hyperlink To add hyper link to cell External URL or hyperlink to another sheet
data-error To add value of a cell as error


<!-- for setting a cell type as number -->
<td data-t="n">2500</td>
<!-- for setting a cell type as date -->
<td data-t="d">05-23-2018</td>
<!-- for setting a cell type as boolean. String "true/false" will be accepted as Boolean-->
<td data-t="b">true</td>
<!-- for setting a cell type as boolean using integer. 0 will be false and any non zero value will be true -->
<td data-t="b">0</td>
<!-- For adding hyperlink -->
<td data-hyperlink="https://google.com">Google</td>

Cell Styling

All styles are set using data attributes on td tags. There are 5 types of attributes: data-f-*, data-a-*, data-b-*, data-fill-* and data-num-fmt which corresponds to five top-level attributes font, alignment, border, fill and numFmt.

Category Attribute Description Values
font data-f-name Font name "Calibri" ,"Arial" etc.
data-f-sz Font size "11" // font size in points
data-f-color Font color A hex ARGB value. Eg: FFFFOOOO for opaque red.
data-f-bold Bold true or false
data-f-italic Italic true or false
data-underline Underline true or false
data-f-strike Strike true or false
Alignment data-a-h Horizontal alignment left, center, right, fill, justify, centerContinuous, distributed
data-a-v Vertical alignment bottom, middle, top, distributed, justify
data-a-wrap Wrap text true or false
data-a-indent Indent Integer
data-a-rtl Text direction: Right to Left true or false
data-a-text-rotation Text rotation 0 to 90
-1 to -90
Border data-b-a-s Border style (all borders) Refer BORDER_STYLES
data-b-t-s Border top style Refer BORDER_STYLES
data-b-b-s Border bottom style Refer BORDER_STYLES
data-b-l-s Border left style Refer BORDER_STYLES
data-b-r-s Border right style Refer BORDER_STYLES
data-b-a-c Border color (all borders) A hex ARGB value. Eg: FFFFOOOO for opaque red.
data-b-t-c Border top color A hex ARGB value.
data-b-b-c Border bottom color A hex ARGB value.
data-b-l-c Border left color A hex ARGB value.
data-b-r-c Border right color A hex ARGB value.
Fill data-fill-color Cell background color A hex ARGB value.
numFmt data-num-fmt Number Format "0"
"0.0%" // string specifying a custom format
"0.00%;\(0.00%\);\-;@" // string specifying a custom format, escaping special characters

BORDER_STYLES: thin, dotted, dashDot, hair, dashDotDot, slantDashDot, mediumDashed, mediumDashDotDot, mediumDashDot, medium, double, thick

Exclude Cells and rows

To exclude a cell or a row from the exported excel add data-exclude="true" to the corresponding td or tr.

<!-- Exclude entire row -->
<tr data-exclude="true">
  <td>Excluded row</td>

<!-- Exclude a single cell -->
  <td>Included Cell</td>
  <td data-exclude="true">Excluded Cell</td>
  <td>Included Cell</td>

Column Width

Column width's can be set by specifying data-cols-width in the <table> tag. data-cols-width accepts comma separated column widths specified in character count . data-cols-width="10,20" will set width of first coulmn as width of 10 charaters and second column as 20 characters wide.

<table data-cols-width="10,20,30">

Row Height

Row Height can be set by specifying data-height in the <tr> tag.

<tr data-height="42.5">
  <td>Cell 1</td>
  <td>Cell 2</td>

Release Changelog


Migration Guide for migrating from V0.2.1 to V1.0.0

  • Changed the backend to Exceguyonroche/exceljslJS
  • Added border color
  • Option to set style and color for all borders
  • Exclude row
  • Added text underline
  • Added support for hyperlinks
  • Text intent
  • RTL support
  • Extra alignment options
  • String "true/false" will be accepted as Boolean
  • Changed border style values
  • Text rotation values changed


  • Fixed bug in handling multiple columns merges in a sheet


  • Option to specify row height

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