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LinTo-Skills-Optional - Memo

This entry provides information about the memo skill in the context of the project LinTO

The skill gives information about reminders (create, list and delete)

LinTo Skills

The following describes the possible inputs and outputs for the memo skill


    transcript : 'text transcript',
    nlu : {
    intent : 'intentDetected',
        entitiesNumber : 1, //number of entities
        entities : [{
            entity: 'entity type',
            value: 'entity name'
    conversationData : { } //optional json from the previous intention if a conversation is required

Output Depends on the speaking mode (say or conversation).

Say Mode : In say mode, LinTO provides a single response to a given question.

    behavior: {
        say: 'message that linto gonna say',

For example, when asked "What time is it?", LinTO might respond, "It is 7:30 a.m."

Conversation Mode : In conversation mode, LinTO first demands additional information before responding to the original request.

    behavior: {
        ask: 'message that linto gonna say',
        conversationData : { //json nlu generally copies the intent from input but  data can be added if required by the skill
            requireData :  'some data',
            requireDataJson : {}, //some other data
            intent : 'intentDetected',
            entitiesNumber : 1, //number of entities
            entities : [{
                entity: 'entity type',
                value: 'entity name'

For example, if asked, "What is the cheapest flight to Paris?", LinTO will first ask questions such as "What is your departure city?" and "What is your departure date?" before providing an answer to the original question.


The memo skill is triggered by the following intentions: memo


Here are the entities supported for this skill:

  • action_create combined with expression will create a memo
  • action_delete will remove all current reminders
    • isok, validate the remove action
    • isko, cancel the remove action
  • action_list will read all reminders



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