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    This is a well-tested UTF-8 encoder / decoder with some distinctive features:

    • Very small when minified.
    • Forgiving with invalid inputs.
      • Any JavaScript string will remain identical after encoding and decoding, even if the string itself is invalid UTF-16. See WTF-8 encoding.
      • Overlong UTF-8 sequences of up to 6 bytes are allowed.
    • Detects unrecoverably corrupt UTF-8 input.
      • Runs of unexpected continuation bytes, or a start byte followed by insufficient continuation bytes, become replacement character fffd.
    • Handles astral plane characters like emoji.
    • Supports reading from and writing into existing buffers using given offsets.
    • Written in TypeScript.


    From npm and Node.js:

    npm install --save @lib/utf-8
    var utf8 = require('@lib/utf-8');

    From CDN in HTML:

    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@lib/utf-8@0.1/bundle.js"></script>

    Using RequireX:

    import * as utf8 from '@lib/utf-8';


    // Prints: 194, 189
    console.log(utf8.encodeUTF8('½').join(', '));
    // Prints: ½
    console.log(utf8.decodeUTF8([194, 189]));


    encodeUTF8(src, dst?, dstPos?, srcPos?, srcEnd?)

    UTF-8 encode a string to an array of bytes. This transform cannot fail and is reversible for any input string, regardless of strange or invalid characters (handled using WTF-8).

    • src String to encode.
    • dst Destination array or buffer for storing the result.
    • dstPos Initial offset to destination, default is 0.
    • srcPos Initial offset to source data, default is 0.
    • srcEnd Source data end offset, default is its length.

    Returns end offset past data stored if a destination was given, otherwise a numeric array containing the encoded result. Note that output length cannot exceed 3 * input length.

    decodeUTF8(src, dst?, srcPos?, srcEnd?)

    UTF-8 decode an array of bytes into a string. Invalid surrogate pairs are left as-is to support WTF-8. All other invalid codes become replacement characters (fffd).

    • src Array to encode.
    • dst Output string prefix, default is empty.
    • srcPos Initial offset to source data, default is 0.
    • srcEnd Source data end offset, default is its length.

    Returns decoded string.


    The MIT License

    Copyright (c) 2019- RequireX authors.




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