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Ledger Hardware Wallet Bluetooth BLE transport for React Native.

yarn add @ledgerhq/react-native-hw-transport-ble

Are you adding Ledger support to your software wallet?

You may be using this package to open a Bluetooth connection between your mobile application and the device.

For a smooth and quick integration:

  • See the developers’ documentation on the Developer Portal and
  • Go on Discord to chat with developer support and the developer community.



Bad BLE link between the Phone and the device

It can sometimes happen that the phone have a broken link, it is in this case recommended to users to go to their phone settings and manually Forget the Nano X. There is at the moment no other ways: there is no programmatic way to unpair a bonded device but you can however have a button that opens that phone settings Bluetooth section.

undefined is not a function(evaluating '\_iterator[typeof Symbol === "function"?Symbol.iterator:"@@iterator"]()')

Read again our Pre-requisites, you must set up jsc-android, alternatively you can figure out what polyfills are required. https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/15902

Minimal getting started

@ledgerhq/react-native-hw-transport-ble works like any of our @ledgerhq/hw-transport libraries.

The difference here is that the listen() is costy and you likely don't want to always scan for devices, you would better save a selected device as "known" to suggest it to user later.

Important: you will also have to deal with specifics of Bluetooth BLE, for instance, you need to request the LOCATION permission on Android!

Here is a gist of the most important parts required.

Check for Bluetooth state

import TransportBLE from "@ledgerhq/react-native-hw-transport-ble";

const subscription = TransportBLE.observeState({
  next: e => syncWithUI(e.available),
  complete: () => {},
  error: () => {}

when Bluetooth is available we can continue to...

Scan for devices

const subscription = TransportBLE.listen({
  complete: () => {
    this.setState({ refreshing: false });
  next: e => {
    if (e.type === "add") {
      const device = e.descriptor;
  error: error => {
    this.setState({ error, refreshing: false });

// NB we also recommend the use of RxJS, you can just wrap it like so:
// Observable.create(TransportBLE.listen).subscribe({ ... })
// In the future of ledgerjs, we might directly returns Observable.

This is the basic idea, obviously you need to call this code in your logic and implement addDeviceToTheUI(device).

In that device object, you can typically use two fields:

  • device.id: a unique identifier of the device that can later be given to TransportBLE.open(id)
  • device.name: the name of the device (e.g. NanoX A4F5)

With this device we can now...

Connect to known device

const transport = await TransportBLE.open(device);
// OR
const transport = await TransportBLE.open(deviceId); // deviceId can come from persisted state. It's unique per device

and now we can just use the transport like any other Ledger transport!


Table of Contents


Extends Transport

react-native bluetooth BLE implementation


  • device Device
  • writeCharacteristic Characteristic
  • notifyObservable Observable<Buffer>
  • deviceModel DeviceModel


import BluetoothTransport from "@ledgerhq/react-native-hw-transport-ble";


communicate with a BLE transport


Returns Promise<Buffer>


Returns Promise<boolean>


  • level any


TODO could add this concept in all transports observe event with { available: bool, string } // available is generic, type is specific an event is emit once and then listened

  • observer any


Scan for bluetooth Ledger devices

  • observer any


Open a BLE transport

  • deviceOrId any


Globally disconnect a BLE device by its ID

  • id any


npm i @ledgerhq/react-native-hw-transport-ble

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