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The Lambda Curry Component Library

Installing the Component Library

yarn add @lambdacurry/component-library

Notes about installation and usage

  • If using TypeScript, you'll want to install the @types listed in our peer-dependencies.

  • To get the necessary base styles you'll want to import the index.css file.


    import '@lambdacurry/component-library/dist/styles/index.css';


    @import '~@lambdacurry/component-library/dist/styles/index.css';
  • Some SSR (Gatsby) sites do not load the component styles for some reason, so you'll want to use the CSS all.css file (instead of the index.css file). JavaScript:

    import '@lambdacurry/component-library/dist/all.css';


    @import '~@lambdacurry/component-library/dist/all.css';


The component library uses CSS custom properties to handle theming. To make this work with Tailwind's opacity utilities, the values of your theme variables must be in RGB format. Our configuration handles wrapping the values in the rgba() function, so you only need to provide the comma-separate RGB values. For example to override the black color variable, you would do it like this:

.my-theme-root {
  --lc-color-black: 40, 45, 48; /* This is equivalent to the hex value #282D30 */

Here is the full list of CSS custom properties that we currently provide for theming (along with their default values):

:root {
  --lc-color-black: 0, 0, 0;
  --lc-color-white: 255, 255, 255;

  --lc-color-gray-lightest: 245, 246, 250;
  --lc-color-gray-lighter: 226, 226, 226;
  --lc-color-gray-light: 189, 189, 189;
  --lc-color-gray: 160, 165, 186;
  --lc-color-gray-dark: 112, 112, 112;
  --lc-color-gray-darker: 64, 64, 64;

  --lc-color-primary: 49, 130, 206;
  --lc-color-primary-dark: 44, 82, 130;

  --lc-color-accent: 237, 100, 166;
  --lc-color-accent-dark: 184, 50, 128;

  --lc-color-success: 72, 187, 120;
  --lc-color-success-dark: 47, 133, 90;

  --lc-color-warning: 237, 137, 54;
  --lc-color-warning-dark: 221, 107, 32;

  --lc-color-danger: 229, 62, 62;
  --lc-color-danger-dark: 197, 48, 48;

  --lc-color-active: 91, 208, 103;


To view the documentation for the component library go to https://component-library.lambdacurry.dev/. (The documentation automatically deploys when new updates are merged to the master branch.)

How to deploy a beta version

For internal Lambda Curry organization people, there is a document on this here.


We're utilizing esbuild for the builds: https://esbuild.github.io/

A few things to note:

  • Currently the postcss.config.js is using a new format (utilized by storybook), so we are replicating the config within esbuild.msj. Updates for PostCSS should be done in both places for now.
  • We copied the source code for the esbuild PostCSS and SVGR plugins. We are using them within our project (esbuild.postcss.js and esbuild.fileImport.js). In order to get SVGs (and other image assets) working, we convert them all to javascript files with SVGR, but the imports in the compiled JavaScript files were still expecting .svg, so esbuild.fileImport.js is a custom plugin that rewrites those imports to their expected .js file.


The tsconfig.json is set up to interpret dom and esnext types, as well as react for jsx. Adjust according to your needs.


Run inside another terminal:

yarn storybook

or shorthand

yarn sb

This loads the stories from ./stories.

NOTE: Stories should reference the components as if using the library, similar to the example playground. This means importing from the root project directory. This has been aliased in the tsconfig and the storybook webpack config as a helper.


Code quality is set up for you with prettier, husky, and lint-staged. Adjust the respective fields in package.json accordingly. (we are currently not utilizing these, except for prettier)


To do a one-off build, use yarn build.


To run tests, use yarn test. (Tests are a good idea, we should add them sometime.)


Jest tests are set up to run with yarn test.

React Testing Library

We do not set up react-testing-library for you yet, we welcome contributions and documentation on this.


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