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    AWS lambda middleware for automatically adding CORS headers.

    Lambda middleware

    This middleware is part of the lambda middleware series. It can be used independently.


    import { cors } from "@lambda-middleware/cors";
    import { APIGatewayProxyResult } from "aws-lambda";
    // This is your AWS handler
    async function helloWorld(): Promise<APIGatewayProxyResult> {
      return {
        statusCode: 200,
        body: "",
     * Wrap the handler with the middleware. It can be used just with
     * default options or configured in detail.
     * If you are using an API Gateway or Serverless to deploy, please note
     * that they will overwrite some of these settings and need to be configured
     * separately.
    export const handler = cors({
       * Configures the Access-Control-Allow-Headers CORS header.
       * If not set will mirror Access-Control-Request-Headers from the request.
      allowedHeaders: [],
      /** Configures the Cache-Control header for the preflight response. */
      cacheControl: "max-age: 300",
      /** Configures the Access-Control-Allow-Credentials CORS header. */
      allowCredentials: true,
      /** Configures the Access-Control-Expose-Headers CORS header. */
      exposedHeaders: ["X-Custom-Header"],
      /** Configures the Access-Control-Max-Age CORS header. */
      maxAge: 300,
      /** Configures the Access-Control-Allow-Methods CORS header. */
      allowedMethods: ["GET", "HEAD", "PUT", "PATCH", "POST", "DELETE"],
      /** Provides a status code to use for successful OPTIONS requests, since some legacy browsers (IE11, various SmartTVs) choke on 204. */
      optionsSuccessStatus: 204,
      /** Configures the Access-Control-Allow-Origin CORS header. An empty array will set the header to '*'. */
      allowedOrigins: [""],
      /** Whether to call the next middleware or handler in case of a OPTIONS request. */
      preflightContinue: false,


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