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Kriptonio plugin for Hardhat

This plugin allows you to upload compiled hardhat smart contract artifacts to Kriptonio. On kriptonio side new smart contract will be created with attached artifacts, which you can afterward deploy and manage via kriptonio.


npm install @kriptonio/hardhat-kriptonio

Import the plugin in your hardhat.config.js:


Or if you are using TypeScript, in your hardhat.config.ts:

import '@kriptonio/hardhat-kriptonio';


This plugin adds new configuration option in your hardhat config file, called kriptonio.

option Description
accessToken (required) Kriptonio organization level access token. You can find it in your settings page.
blockchain (required) Blockchain where your smart contract will be deployed. Currently supported values for this fields are polygon and ethereum.
blockchainNetwork (required) Blockchain network where your smart contract will be deployed. Currently supported values for this fields are mainnet, mumbai and goerli.
contract (required) Smart contract name which you want to upload to kriptonio
wallet (required) Address of kriptonio wallet to use with this smart contract. This wallet will allow you to interact with your smart contract, and will be used for paying transaction fees.
title (optional) Title of kriptonio smart contract to be created. Defaults to contract name.

Example of configuration via hardhat.config.ts

const config: HardhatUserConfig = {
  kriptonio: {
    title: 'Token on Kriptonio',
    contract: 'MyERC20',
    accessToken: '<kriptonio-access-token>',
    wallet: '0x...',
    blockchain: 'polygon',
    blockchainNetwork: 'mainnet',
  /** ...the rest of hardhat.config config file  */


This plugin adds the kriptonio-upload task to Hardhat:

If you are providing configuration via CLI arguments

npx hardhat kriptonio-upload --contract <contract-name> --access-token <kriptonio-access-token> --wallet <wallet-address> --blockchain <blockchain-type, eg: polygon>

If you are providing configuration via hardhat.config file

npx hardhat kriptonio-upload

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