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    React Order Receipt

    A reusable, configurable React component

    Cosmos - Developer Sandbox


    • Run cosmos
    • Visit http://localhost:8989/
    • Experiment with different input props by creating or modifying the __fixtures__.
    • Make changes to src/? yarn build to see your changes.
    • Cosmos docs for more details.


    Root Level

    Name Type Required Description
    county County ⭕️ County info
    refundInfo RefundInfo ⭕️ For display above receipt table
    purchasedBy string Full name of user who requested refund
    orderDate Date Date order was placed
    orderId string ID of order
    lineItems [LineItem] description
    subtotal number Sum price of each line item
    convenienceFee number Convenience fee amount
    totalPrice number Grand total = subtotal + fees
    subtotalRefunded number ⭕️ Sum price of each refunded item (without fees)
    feesRefunded number ⭕️ Sum of all refunded fees
    totalRefundAmount number Total amount refunded = subtotalRefunded + feesRefunded
    nonInteractive boolean Are checkboxes and actions available?
    convenienceFeeType ConvenienceFeeTypes Are fees calculated "per-order" or "per-document"
    showRefundDescription boolean Should refund description be shown in each line item?
    showSimpleRefundStatus boolean Should "completed-" prefix be omitted?
    showRefundStatus boolean Should refund status column be displayed?
    zipLink ILink ⭕️ Download link for zip file


    Name Type Required Description
    name?: string ⭕️ County name, e.g. "Grayson"
    sealUrl?: string ⭕️ URL for county seal image
    clerkName?: string ⭕️ Full name of clerk
    addressLine1?: string ⭕️ Street Address
    addressLine2?: string ⭕️ [City], [State] [Zip code]


    Name Type Required Description
    requestedBy string Full name of user who requested refund
    amount number Total amount being refunded
    numItems number Documents being refunded
    description string Reason for refund


    Name Type Required Description
    error string description of error
    link string URI for download
    isLoading boolean Is this component waiting for data?


    Name Type Required Description
    id number Item ID
    instrumentNumber string Instrument number
    documentType string Document type, e.g. "FORECLOSURE NOTICE"
    type string Item type, e.g. "docimage"
    pagesPurchased string Page range, e.g. "all" or "1-2, 4"
    totalPagesInDocument number Total number of pages in document
    downloadLink ILink ⭕️ Link to download document
    priceCents number Price in cents
    refundStatus RefundStatuses ⭕️ The refund status for this item
    refundDescription string ⭕️ Reason refund was requested
    refundRequestedBy string ⭕️ Full name of person requesting refund


    Enum Type
    "per-order" string
    "per-document" string


    Enum Type
    "approved" string
    "rejected" string
    "submitted" string
    "completed-approved" string
    "completed-rejected" string
    "none" string




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