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Use web workers with react hook

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🎨 Features

  • Run expensive function without blocking UI (Show live gif)
  • Supports Promises pattern instead of event-messages
  • Size: less than 3KB!
  • Clear API using hook
  • Typescript support
  • Garbage collector web worker instance
  • Remote dependencies option
  • timeout option

💾 Install

  • @latest
npm install --save @koale/useworker

🔨 Import

import { useWorker, WORKER_STATUS } from "@koale/useworker";

📙 Documents

🍞 Demo

⚙ Web Workers

Before you start using this hook, I suggest you to read the Web Worker documentation.

🐾 Usage

import React from "react";
import { useWorker } from "@koale/useworker";
const numbers = [...Array(5000000)].map(e => ~~(Math.random() * 1000000));
const sortNumbers = nums => nums.sort();
const Example = () => {
  const [sortWorker] = useWorker(sortNumbers);
  const runSort = async () => {
    const result = await sortWorker(numbers); // non-blocking UI
  return (
    <button type="button" onClick={runSort}>
      Run Sort

🐾 Examples

Edit white-glitter-icji4

More examples: https://github.com/alewin/useWorker/tree/develop/example

🔧 Roadmap

  • Kill Web Worker
  • Reactive web worker status
  • Add timeout option
  • import and use remote script inside useWorker function
  • support Transferable Objects
  • Testing useWorker #41
  • import and use local script inside useWorker function #37
  • useWorkers Hook #38

🤔 Motivation and Limitation

Most react projects are initialized through Create React App. CRA unfortunately does not offer support for webworkers, unless you eject and change the webpack configuration manually.

This library allows you to use web workers without having to change the CRA configuration, which is why there are often limitations or particular workarounds.

If you are interested in changing the webpack configuration to manually manage your workers, see: worker-loader

🌏 Contribute? Bug? New Feature?

The library is experimental so if you find a bug or would like to request a new feature, open an issue

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📜 License

MIT © alewin

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