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⚠️ Modifications to json-schema-viewer by ~julrich ⚠️

This is a fork of json-schema-viewer (https://github.com/atlassian-labs/json-schema-viewer) that was modified to be usable outside of the original, closed context of the app itself. For this purpose the following files (mainly related to packaging / bundling) were modified:

  • LICENSE: added a line for the modifications made
  • .babelrc: added some plugins related to building
  • .gitignore: removed schema.ts from ignored files
  • package.json: updated author, license (was still set to MIT, should've been Apache-2.0) and package org name. Updated and added dependencies for Rollup
  • rollup.config.json: new file, configuration for Rollup
  • src/index.ts: added exports for parts needed when used externally
  • src/schema.ts: now committed to repo, was ignored by .gitignore before
  • tsconfig.json: pretty aggressively refactored TypeScript configuration to get the build running. Probably less destructive changes would suffice, but untested for now
  • yarn.lock: commited updated dependencies

No actual code / logic (unrelated to bundling) has been altered. If of interest (to others, or the authors of the original project), this could probably be cleaned up and pushed upstream... just let me know!

For a complete overview of the changes made, have a look at: https://github.com/kickstartDS/json-schema-viewer/pull/1


Atlassian license PRs Welcome

Welcome to JSON Schema Viewer!

Try it out today at: https://json-schema.app

JSON Schema is awesome. It lets you define and validate the schema for your JSON object and is used to define many many JSON structures. For example schemas, please see: https://www.schemastore.org/json/

However, as great as the format is, without familiarity, it is often very difficult to read JSON Schema and understand exactly what JSON is allowed by the schema. Well, fear not! JSON Schema Viewer to the rescue: just paste a link to your JSON Schema and it will be rendered beautifully, comprehensively and with examples describing the JSON you should expect at evely level of the hierarchy.


To run this project locally:

  1. Run yarn to install the dependencies.
  2. (Optional, automatically runs on install) Run yarn gen-schema to generate source from schema.
  3. Run yarn start to start Webpack Dev server

Now open: http://localhost:8080 to see the site and develop it live.


To publish new SPA website resources to this AWS stack (this is the most common operation you will perform):

nix-shell -p awscli2
yarn build-and-upload

To deploy this project in a way that updates the AWS Configuration via Cloud Formation:

nix-shell -p awscli2
yarn build-and-deploy


This project is a React SPA that is designed to be deployed to AWS CloudFront. It implements a Schema Explorer for JSON Schema and does not build an abstraction layer between JSON Schema and the UI layer. We currently support JSON Schema Draft 07 in the code.


There are currently no tests for this project. Instead, we use and browse the react storybooks to ensure that the schema is being rendered correctly.


Contributions to json-schema-viewer are welcome! Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for details.


Copyright (c) 2021 Atlassian and others. Apache 2.0 licensed, see LICENSE file.

With ❤️ from Atlassian




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