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    Embed CodePen.io Pens into your eleventy website


    Install via npm

    npm install @kevingimbel/eleventy-plugin-codepen --save

    Load the plugin in .eleventy.js

    Include it in your .eleventy.js config file:

    const codepenEmbed = require("@kevingimbel/eleventy-plugin-codepen");
    module.exports = (eleventyConfig) => {

    Load the CodePen javascript library

    The embed requires the CodePen JavaScript library to work. For convenience the library can be loaded with a shortcode. This is best done near the closing body tag and only needs to be done once!

    {% codepen_js %}

    Use the shortcode!

    The only required arguments is the CodePen full URL of the Pen or the "slug". This is the random letters in the URL, for example the Pen https://codepen.io/kevingimbel/pen/LXxoEL has the slug "LXxoEL".

    It is up to you what you want to specify, although the full URL may be more future proof (e.g. if you want to replace this Plugin with a plugin that prints the URL instead of creating an embed.).

    {% codepen "https://codepen.io/kevingimbel/pen/LXxoEL" %}

    Config Options

    All of these can be set in the .eleventy.js config as well as inline (see below).

    Option Type Default Comment
    height Number 256 The height of the embed iframe
    theme String dark Free codepen users can use light or dark, CodePen Pro users may use additional themes
    tabs String result possible values: html, css, js, result. Combine with comma like html,result
    user String Captain Anonymous name of the user who created the pen
    title String Unknown Pen The title of the pen, used when embed can't be rendered
    preview Boolean true If true, shows a "run pen" button instead of automatically running code
    editable Boolean false Makes pen editable, requires CodePen Pro

    Overwriting options inline

    All options can also be overwritten "inline" when the shortcode is used. Because 11ty doesn't support names parameters, and there are quite a lot of options, all options are specified in one string.

    The config string is split at each semicolon (;) and each colon (:) to create key-value pairs, as shown in the following table

    Option String Parsed object
    tabs:html,result;title:single-div Link from Legend of Zelda {tabs: "html,result", title: "single-div Link from Legend of Zelda" }

    Setting all options looks like:

    "height:256;theme:dark;tabs:result;user:Captain Anonymous;title:Unknown Pen;preview: true;editable: false"


    • Huge thanks to CodePen.io for providing a great embed script. This plugin is only a wrapper around the existing functionality.


    npm i @kevingimbel/eleventy-plugin-codepen

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