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Kellerkinder ESLint Config

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This package provides the Kellerkinder ESLint configuration for JavaScript, TypeScript and Vue 3. It is based on the AirBnB Configuration with slight alterations.


This config has been developed and tested with the following requirements:

  • NodeJS >= 12
  • ESLint >= 7.2.0


In order to use this configuration, run the following scripts in your NodeJS project:

npm i -D eslint @kellerkinder/eslint-config


You can use this configuration by creating an .eslintrc.json inside your project's root directory that is extending this configuration.

    "extends": "@kellerkinder/eslint-config"

You can now execute eslint by running the following script:

npx eslint src/

The src/ directory can be replaced with the directory or file you want to lint.

If you want ESLint to try to fix the errors it found, execute the following command:

npx eslint src/ --fix

Alternatively, refer to your IDE's documentation to find out, if and how ESLint is integrated.

Babel Configuration

If you are using babel in your project, you can provide ESLint with your own configuration file, by adding this section to your ESLint config:

  "parserOptions": {
      "babelOptions": {
          "configFile": "path/to/your/.babelrc"

By default, this configuration comes with babel support for class properties. So unless other babel features are required, you can safely omit this part of the configuration.


If you are working with a TypeScript codebase, you want to change your .eslintrc.json to extend the @kellerkinder/eslint-config/typescript config instead, making it look like this:

    "extends": "@kellerkinder/eslint-config/typescript"

This configuration contains all the rules from the default configuration and extends it by some TypeScript-specific rules.

Vue 3

If you are working with a Vue 3 application, you want to change your .eslintrc.json to extend the @kellerkinder/eslint-config/vue config instead, making it look like this:

    "extends": "@kellerkinder/eslint-config/vue"

Using the Vue 3 configuration automatically assumes that you are using TypeScript as well.


This project features basic configuration tests using Vitest. Tests are automatically execute on push and before publishing. To execute the tests manually, use the following command:

npm test


Linter is not a constructor

This error is known to be caused by an empty .eslintignore file. To solve this, either make sure that your .eslintignore contains at least one entry or is removed entirely.


In order to publish a new version of this package on npm, follow these steps:

  1. Bump the version field inside the package.json
  2. Create an entry inside the CHANGELOG.md
  3. Push your code to main
  4. Tag your commit with the respective version
  5. Create a Github release

Now, GitHub Actions will build and publish the new version on npm.


This project adheres to Semantic Versioning. Please refer to the CHANGELOG.md for detailed changes and migration instructions.



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