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    For my personal training

    Getting started

    npx from npm:

    npx @kazuma1989/hello-npm
    # Hello npm! 

    npx from GitHub:

    npx kazuma1989/hello-npm
    # Hello npm! 

    Publish to npm

    First, update the version of the package (major|minor|patch):

    npm version patch

    Or you can change the version field in package.json manually.

    Then publish:

    npm publish

    You will get an email from npm when success.

    What I learned

    With npm

    • Sign in before publishing.
      Sign up via the npm website and run npm adduser in CLI terminal.
    • Files to publish are not necessarily versioned by Git.
    • Scoped packages (like @scopename/xxx) are private by default.
      Use npm publish --access public command for the first time.
      For following publish commands, the access option can be omitted.
    • Scope name is reserved for each user or organization.
      I could not publish @k/hello-npm (npm returns 401) because I am @kazuma1989.
    • Local files are all published.
      Write the .npmignore file carefully or follow the pattern in which paths are ignored by default.
      I usually use a ._* pattern for my local files without publishing or versioning.
      Detail: http://npm.github.io/publishing-pkgs-docs/publishing/the-npmignore-file.html

    With GitHub

    • You can use packages directly from GitHub without publishing to npm!
      Use npm install username/repo-name format to reference the default branch or npm install username/repo-name#branch to specify some branch.
      • But sub directories are not referenced this way.
        The above commands just downloads the tarball from the URL which is resolved from GitHub repo name, so without a URL from which we can download sub directories it is impossible to use sub directories (like Babel packages) as packages.
    • npx has an escape hatch where we can use sub directories like packages.
      In package.json the bin field may have multiple keys, so specify sub commands to point to binaries in sub directories, and call the sub commands with npx -p username/repo-name sub-command.
    • GitHub Gist can also be used as a package.
      Even though Gist cannot have directory structures, the dependencies field in package.json works well!



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