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CosmosJS - Cosmos JavaScript Library

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A JavasSript Open Source Library for Cosmos Network, IRISnet, Kava, Band Protocol, Starname, Secret Network, Akash Network, and CertiK.

This library supports cosmos address generation and verification. It enables you to create an offline signature functions of different types of transaction messages. It will eventually support all the other blockchains that are based on Tendermint in the future.

⚠️ @cosmostation/cosmosjs@0.9.0+ supports protobuf signing for cosmos-sdk 0.40.0+. If you need for amino signing, download a version under @cosmostation/cosmosjs@0.8.2



In order to fully use this library, you need to run a local or remote full node and set up its rest server, which acts as an intermediary between the front-end and the full-node


  • This branch source is for protobuf signing.


import { Cosmos } from "../src/index.js";


  • You need to import Cosmos-sdk Protobuf message file as js. It is created by protocgen.sh.
  • @cosmostation/cosmosjs@0.9.0+ is running above nodejs v14+
  • You can run with this option for ES6.
$ node --es-module-specifier-resolution=node example/stargate-final.js
  • Import the message file that is converted from Cosmos-sdk proto.
import message from "../src/messages/proto";
  • Stargate-final: Generate Cosmos address from mnemonic
const mnemonic = "..."
const chainId = "stargate-final";
const cosmos = new Cosmos(lcdUrl, chainId);

const address = cosmos.getAddress(mnemonic);

Generate both privKey and pubKeyAny that are needed for signing.

const privKey = cosmos.getECPairPriv(mnemonic);
const pubKeyAny = cosmos.getPubKeyAny(privKey);

Transfer MUON to designated address.

  • Make sure to input proper type, account number, and sequence of the cosmos account to generate protobuf structure. You can get those account information on blockchain. Protobuf signing is different from Amino signing.
cosmos.getAccounts(address).then(data => {
	// signDoc = (1)txBody + (2)authInfo
	// ---------------------------------- (1)txBody ----------------------------------
	const msgSend = new message.cosmos.bank.v1beta1.MsgSend({
		from_address: address,
		to_address: "cosmos1jf874x5vr6wkza6ahvamck4sy4w76aq4w9c4s5",
		amount: [{ denom: "umuon", amount: String(100000) }]		// 6 decimal places (1000000 uatom = 1 ATOM)

	const msgSendAny = new message.google.protobuf.Any({
		type_url: "/cosmos.bank.v1beta1.MsgSend",
		value: message.cosmos.bank.v1beta1.MsgSend.encode(msgSend).finish()

	const txBody = new message.cosmos.tx.v1beta1.TxBody({ messages: [msgSendAny], memo: "" });

	// --------------------------------- (2)authInfo ---------------------------------
	const signerInfo = new message.cosmos.tx.v1beta1.SignerInfo({
		public_key: pubKeyAny,
		mode_info: { single: { mode: message.cosmos.tx.signing.v1beta1.SignMode.SIGN_MODE_DIRECT } },
		sequence: data.account.sequence

	const feeValue = new message.cosmos.tx.v1beta1.Fee({
		amount: [{ denom: "umuon", amount: String(5000) }],
		gas_limit: 200000

	const authInfo = new message.cosmos.tx.v1beta1.AuthInfo({ signer_infos: [signerInfo], fee: feeValue });


Sign transaction by using stdSignMsg and broadcast by using /txs REST API

const signedTxBytes = cosmos.sign(txBody, authInfo, data.account.account_number, privKey);
cosmos.broadcast(signedTxBytes).then(response => console.log(response));

Official LCD url(

Supporting Message Types (Updating...)

We will continue to update the protobuf signing structure.


This library is simple and easy to use. We don't have any formal documentation yet other than examples. Ask for help if our examples aren't enough to guide you


  • Contributions, suggestions, improvements, and feature requests are always welcome

When opening a PR with a minor fix, make sure to add #trivial to the title/description of said PR.

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