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    Javascript API

    Bitcoin Cash full node as a Javascript library

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    Knuth Javascript API is a high performance implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol focused on users requiring extra performance and flexibility. It is a Bitcoin Cash node you can use as a library.


    Knuth Javascript API is a wrapper over our C++ libraries, therefore in order to use the Javascript library we will need the toolchain to build the C++ libraries. Don't panic, you won't have to manually build our C++ libraries, you just have to provide some prerequisites, our build system will take care of the rest.

    To speed up the compilation, we provide some pre-built C++ libraries for some common computer platforms, but case there are no pre-built binaries for your platform, our build system will automatically try to build from source code. In such a scenario, the following requirements must be added to the previous ones:

    Getting started

    1. Create a new Javascript console project:
    $ mkdir HelloKnuth
    $ cd HelloKnuth
    $ TODO
    1. Add a reference to our Javascript API package:
    $ TODO
    1. Edit program.js and write some code:
    1. Enjoy Knuth node as a Javascript library:
    $ dotnet run


    Each of our modules has its own Github repository, but in case you want to create an issue, please do so in our main repository.


    npm i @k-nuth/bch

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