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    JupiterOne Alert Rule Packs

    This project contains default rule packs that can be provisioned to your JupiterOne account via the included CLI utility.


    When making a pull request for this repo, please update the version property in the package.json. If it is not updated, then the code will not get released.

    Patch version - x.x.1 - A patch version is used to make a quick fix, patch a security vulnerability, or do clean up. Minor version - x.1.x - A minor version is used to add/remove content Major version - 1.x.x - A major version is used to introduce breaking changes

    Rule Packs

    • rule-packs/aws-config.json

      Alert rules for AWS configuration audit

    • rule-packs/aws-threat.json

      Alert rules for AWS threat monitoring

    • rule-packs/gcp.json

      Alert rules for Google Cloud Platform

    • rule-packs/azure-config.json

      Alert rules for Azure configuration audit

    • rule-packs/azure.json

      Commonly used Azure alert rules

    • rule-packs/gcp.json

      Commonly used GCP alert rules

    • rule-packs/common-alerts.json

      Commonly used alert rules

    • rule-packs/critical-assets.json

      Alert rules to monitor changes to and risks of critical assets

    • rule-packs/devops.json

      Commonly used DevOps alert rules

    All rules inherit the alert settings from index.js.

    Provision Rules

    To add these alert rules to your account via the CLI, you will need to install the JupiterOne CLI from npm or download source from github:

    Install J1 CLI

    npm install @jupiterone/jupiterone-client-nodejs -g

    Provision Rule Pack

    j1 -a <j1AccountId> -u <j1Username> -o provision-alert-rule-pack --alert -f aws-config


    This repo is coupled to the @jupiterone/jupiterone-alert-rules npm package via Github Workflows.

    In order to publish your changes into a new npm package version, your last commit must be the commit that is automatically made via running npm version patch or yarn version --patch. You must then push your changes along with the version tag by using git push --follow-tags.

    Doing both of these things will inform the CI to publish a new package version when the edits are merged into main.




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