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Wasp is a simple wrapper around the react-beautiful-dnd library to provide drag & drop capabilities for a vertical list. This component allows you to reuse the same functionality across multiple apps without needing to duplicate logic, styling, etc. Follow the directions below and you'll have drag & drop functionality set up in less than 5 minutes!

🔨 Installation

Wasp is available through the npm registry. It can be installed using the npm or yarn command line tool.

# Yarn 
yarn add @joshcaplin/wasp
# NPM 
npm install --save @joshcaplin/wasp 

😎 Usage

  • There is one required parameter:
    • itemsToList - input array of strings or objects to display in the list. The objects should have properties of title and description.
  • There is currently one optional parameter, with more coming soon:
    • onReorder() - called every time you reorder the list - passes the new array back to the parent component. If you don't care about the reordered array, you don't need to define a handler for this callback.
  • Live demo >>> codesandbox.io
import { Wasp } from '@joshcaplin/wasp';
//items can be hardcoded, pulled from a config file, returned from an API call, etc
const teams = [
  'Purdue Boilermakers', 
  'Arizona State Sun Devils', 
  'Scottsdale Fighting Artichokes',
  //onReorder={handleReorderedItems}  //<-- enable if you need the updated array

🙋‍♂️ Frequently asked questions

  • Should I use this library or react-beautiful-dnd?
    • Unless this library has the exact functionality & styling that you're looking for, you should probably use react-beautiful-dnd in your app since it has additional capabilities. You'll need to do the setup yourself, but you can use the source code here as a guide.
  • Why did you create this library?
    • Mostly as a proof-of-concept to understand the process of publishing an npm package and to learn how to build reusable React component libraries.
  • Why the heck is the library named Wasp?
    • It stands for Wicked Awesome Sortable Panel.
  • I don't like the default styling
    • Please rephrase in the form of a question. 😜

🧱 Built with

  • react-beautiful-dnd
    • built by Atlassian, rbd provides many options & flexibility for drag & drop functionality.
  • nwb
    • nwb is a toolkit to build reusable React component libraries rather than full-blown React apps.

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