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This is the Coldbrew theme repository for the Json Resume project. It was originally forked from the json-resume-caffeine project.

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This project relies on resumed to generate resumes using this theme. Note that resume-cli may not work, as this theme uses async rendering.

You can install this theme by running:

npm install @jiajie-chen/jsonresume-theme-coldbrew


This theme environment comes equipped with the following features to make your development environment easier:

  • Vite for building and testing.
  • Sass and Preact with Typescript support for styling and templating.

Getting Started

When building the project for the very first time, run the following command to install all of your packages.

npm install


To run the project, simply run the following command

npm run dev

Running the command above will automatically build your project, load your resume with the theme, listen for changes, and automatically refresh the browser on file changes.

Creating your resume.json

This project comes with resume-sample.json in src/assets/, which is a sample json resume you can build from.

Please review the schema here when creating your resume.json.

Review the resumed docs to see how to build resumes from JSON using this theme.


All the icons used in the theme are generated through Font-Awesome. So make sure the network key that you specify within your profiles json config matches the corresponding font-awesome style name. For example:

"profiles": [
    "network": "Twitter",
    "network": "Facebook",

The Twitter and Facebook network keys will be appended to fa- to generate fa-twitter and fa-facebook respectively. Be sure to search within the font awesome icons to figure out the correct network name you want to use for the icon (i.e. if you want to use a different facebook icon, change the network name to Facebook-Official or Facebook-Square).


The entire about section on the left column is populated through the basics json config. This section is intentionally kept narrow to provide a quick summary and prevent it from taking up too much real estate on the resume.

However, unfortunately it may be too narrow for folks with really long emails or website names. You can adjust the width of the left column by going into src/styles/utils/_variables.scss and adjusting the two following variables:

$aside-width            : 160px;
$aside-margin           : 20px;

`aside-width` will determine how wide to keep the left column, and `aside-margin` will determine how much space you want to leave between the left column and the main content on the right.


If you want to change the default color used within the theme with your own custom color, change the $primary-color variable within variable.scss with your own.

$primary-color          : $slate-green;

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