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Jest support for Jenkins JS Builder

Run your tests with Jenkins JS Builder using the "Jest" test runner.

The default location for tests is the test folder. The file names need to match the pattern *-spec.js or *-test.js; the jsx extension is also supported. The default location can be overridden by calling builder.tests(<new-path>).

'test' Task

jjsbuilder --tasks test

Run the tests and produces test and coverage reports.

You can limit the tests that are run via the test parameter. This is a pattern that is passed to Jest's testMatch parameter.

Run a single test.

jjsbuilder --tasks test -- --test test/src/js/foo/bar/foobar-spec

Runs any test with 'calculator' in the path or name.

jjsbuilder --tasks test -- --test calculator

Run any test inside of a 'math' folder.

jjsbuilder --tasks test -- --test /math/

JUnit test reports are stored in reports/ and coverage reports in coverage/. Note that coverage is only measured for .js and .jsx files in the source directories (default: src).

'test:fast" Task

jjsbuilder --tasks test:fast

Runs the tests but skips generation of reports and coverage. It also displays an OS notification when tests complete. This is good for local development.

'test:debug' Task

Coming soon.

'test:watch' Task

Coming later.