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    Dashboard plugin

    This plugin provides the main Dashboard user interface for Blue Ocean. It has a bunch of GUI components and extension points for other plugins to extend. This is where the fun happens.

    Running and modifying this plugin

    With mvn

    1. Go into blueocean and run mvn hpi:run in a terminal. (mvn clean install from the root of the project is always a good idea regularly!)
    2. From this directory, run npm run bundle:watch to watch for JS changes and reload them.
    3. Open browser to http://localhost:8080/jenkins/blue/ to see this
    4. hack away. Refreshing the browser will pick up changes. If you add a new extension point or export a new extension you may need to restart the mvn hpi:run process.

    With npm/storybook

    We are supporting React Storybook https://voice.kadira.io/introducing-react-storybook-ec27f28de1e2#.8zsjledjp

    npm run storybook

    Then it’ll start a webserver on port 9001. Further on any change it will refresh the page for you on the browser. The design is not the same as in blueocean yet but you can fully develop the components without a running jenkins,

    Writing Stories

    Basically, a story is a single view of a component. It's like a test case, but you can preview it (live) from the Storybook UI.

    You can write your stories anywhere you want. But keeping them close to your components is a pretty good idea.

    Let's write some stories:

    // src/main/js/components/stories/button.js
    import React from 'react';
    import { storiesOf, action } from '@kadira/storybook';
    storiesOf('Button', module)
      .add('with a text', () => (
        <button onClick={action('clicked')}>My First Button</button>
      .add('with no text', () => (

    Here, we simply have two stories for the built-in button component. But, you can import any of your components and write stories for them instead.

    Configurations for storybook

    Now you need to tell Storybook where it should load the stories from. For that, you need to add the new story to the configuration file .storybook/config.js:

    // .storybook/config.js
    import { configure } from '@kadira/storybook';
    function loadStories() {
      require('../components/stories/button'); // add this line
    configure(loadStories, module);

    or to the src/main/js/components/stories/index.js (this is the preferred way):

    // src/main/js/components/stories/index.js
    require('./button'); // add this line

    That's it. Now simply run “npm run storybook” and start developing your components.

    Running Tests

    Tests are run via jest using the gulp-jest plugin. Three modes of execution are supported:

    npm run test

    Runs jest and outputs JUnit test reports and code coverage metrics, in the 'reports' and 'coverage' dirs. This is the "full" execution that is run in CI.

    npm run test-fast

    Runs jest without test reports or coverage. Fastest run, useful for local development.

    npm run test-debug

    Runs jest in debug mode listening on localhost:5858. You must attach a debugger for execution to proceed. Test reports and coverage are skipped.

    Running select test(s)

    All of the above profiles support executing one or more tests via jest's testPathPattern parameter:

    npm run test:fast -- --test test/js/UrlUtils-spec.js # one test

    npm run test:fast -- --test /capability/ # any tests in a 'capability' dir

    npm run test:fast -- --test Url # any test with 'Url' in the name

    Linting with npm

    ESLint with React linting options have been enabled.

    npm run lint


    You can use the command lint:fix and it will try to fix all offenses, however there maybe some more that you need to fix manually.

    npm run lint:fix


    You can use the command lint:watch and it will give rapid feedback (as soon you save, lint will run) while you try to fix all offenses.

    gulp lint:watch --continueOnLint




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