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    Http Error: rich http errors

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    The Http Error module is an extension of Contextual Error, inspired by Hapi's Boom. The module allows wrapping of errors in a safe way, and delegate the handling to a centralized errorhandler without loosing important context.

    Quick start

    First, install the package:

    npm install @jdpnielsen/http-error

    You can use the built in factory functions to wrap downstream errors:

    import { notFound } from '@jdpnielsen/http-error';
    server.get('/:id', {}, async function getIndex(request, response) {
      let document;
      try {
        document = await fsPromises.readFile(join(__dirname, './index.html'));
      } catch(error) {
        if (error.code === 'ENOENT') {
          throw notFound('Index file not found', { cause: error, publicInfo: { file: './index.html' } })
        } else {
          throw serverError('Something went wrong while reading index file', { cause: error })
      /* ... */

    if the thrown error is logged the result should be something like:

    HttpError [NotFoundError]: Index file not found
        at getIndex (/home/folder/request.js:12:10) {
      info: {},
      shortMessage: 'Index file not found',
      cause: [Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/folder/index.html'] {
        errno: -2,
        code: 'ENOENT',
        syscall: 'open',
        path: '/home/folder/index.html'
      statusCode: 404,
      response: {
        statusCode: 404,
        error: 'Not Found',
        message: 'Index file not found',
        info: { file: './index.html' }

    Assuming some kind of errorhandler is mounted, which stringifies the error, the http response should be:

      "statusCode": 404,
      "error": "Not Found",
      "message": "Index file not found",
      "info": { "file": "./index.html" }

    Factory function api

    type FactoryFunction = (message?: string, { cause?: Error, publicInfo?: Object, info?: Object }) => HttpError;
    Param name Type Meaning
    message string Error message
    cause Error Downstream error. Will not show up in response
    publicInfo object Info which should be included in response.
    info object Info which should be included for debugging. Will not be included in response.

    Available factory functions

    export statusCode message
    badRequest 400 Bad Request
    unauthorized 401 Unauthorized
    paymentRequired 402 Payment Required
    forbidden 403 Forbidden
    notFound 404 Not Found
    methodNotAllowed 405 Method Not Allowed
    notAcceptable 406 Not Acceptable
    proxyAuthRequired 407 Proxy Authentication Required
    clientTimeout 408 Request Time-out
    conflict 409 Conflict
    resourceGone 410 Gone
    lengthRequired 411 Length Required
    preconditionFailed 412 Precondition Failed
    entityTooLarge 413 Request Entity Too Large
    uriTooLong 414 Request-URI Too Large
    unsupportedMediaType 415 Unsupported Media Type
    rangeNotSatisfiable 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable
    expectationFailed 417 Expectation Failed
    teapot 418 I'm a teapot
    badData 422 Unprocessable Entity
    locked 423 Locked
    failedDependency 424 Failed Dependency
    tooEarly 425 Too Early
    preconditionRequired 428 Precondition Required
    tooManyRequests 429 Too Many Requests
    illegal 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons
    serverError 500 Internal Server Error
    internal 500 Internal Server Error
    notImplemented 501 Not Implemented
    badGateway 502 Bad Gateway
    serverUnavailable 503 Service Unavailable
    gatewayTimeout 504 Gateway Time-out

    Custom HttpErrors

    The HttpError Base class is available and can either be extended or used to create new factory functions:

    import HttpError from '@jdpnielsen/http-error';
    import { Info } from '@jdpnielsen/contextual-error';
    export function custom(message?: string, input?: { cause?: Error, info?: Info, publicInfo?: Info }): HttpError {
    	return new HttpError(500, 'Custom', message, input?.publicInfo, input?.cause, {
    		name: 'customError',
    		constructorOpt: custom,
    		info: input?.info,


    npm i @jdpnielsen/http-error

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