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Dynamo-box leverages TypeBox to provide a strongly typed repository client for interacting with DynamoDb tables. Remain safe in the box.

This library also currently leverages Dynamon for marshalling and building expressions, so be sure to visit their docs for additional usage information, especially in regards to conditional/update expressions.

npm i @jayalfredprufrock/dynamo-box @sinclair/typebox @typemon/dynamon

Basic Usage

Consider the following schema that represents a user:

import { Static, Type } from '@sinclair/typebox';

export const UserSchema = Type.Object({
    id: Type.String(),
    name: Type.String(),
    email: Type.String(),
    createdAt: Type.Integer(),
    updatedAt: Type.Integer(),

Use makeDdbRepository() to create a fully-typed repository class:

import { makeDdbRepository } from '@jayalfredprufrock/dynamo-box';

export class UserRepository = makeDdbRepository(UserSchema)({
    client: { region: 'us-east-1', endpoint: 'localhost' },
    tableName: 'users',
    partitionKey: 'id',
    transformInput: (input: UserInput) => {
        return {
            id: randomString(16),
            createdAt: Date.now(),
            updatedAt: Date.now(),
    gsis: {
        keysByEmail: {
            partitionKey: 'email',
            projection: 'KEYS',

const userRepo = new UserRepository();

// does a PUT, but throws if id already exists
const newUser = await userRepo.create({
    name: 'Dynamo Box',
    email: 'dynamo@box.com'

// last param of all methods allow advanced configuration
const user = await userRepo.getOrThrow({ id: newUser.id }, { consistentRead: true });

The class can also be extended:

export class UserRepositoryExtended extends UserRepository {
    constructor() {
            tableName: usersTableName,
            client: new DynamoDBClient({ region: 'us-east-1', endpoint: 'localhost' }),

    async getByEmail(userEmail: string): Promise<User> {
        const email = userEmail.toLowerCase();

        const [userKeys] = await this.queryGsi('keysByEmail', { email });
        if (!userKeys) {
            throw new Error('User not found');
        return this.getOrThrow({ id: userKeys.id });


Library is nearing 1.0 release, at which point full documentation will become available. It is currently being used in production environments so I welcome brave community members to give it a spin in its current state. I don't suspect any major API changes at this point and I do my absolute best to respect SemVer.


  • update() not transforming input, thus not getting updatedAt
  • atomic field (optimistic lock) support that automatically generates condition expression based on something like updatedAt or version
  • transformer support projected GSIs
  • transact write/get items support
  • modify return type based on filter projection
  • strongly typed equality filter support
  • transformInput/Output async support
  • explore integrating mongodb-style conditional expressions for safer typings and less reliance on dynamon.
  • alternatively, provide strongly-typed "condition builder"
  • ability to create tables (or definitions) based on config
  • createOrUpdate() and make put() require complete type object?
  • utility to create projectionFilter from schema
  • use special schema field to indicate basic mapping type and generate mapping automatically
  • handle transformInput a little better so its obvious that the input is providing defaults. will probably involve specifying a transformInput schema (which can also provide runtime type safety) or switching to specifying default/readonly fields for create/update
  • make special case for TTL field, support function that automatically sets it based on data
  • remove undefined values from update expression object values
  • bulk operations that perform non-batch operations in parallell (for conditions and consistent logging interface)

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