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Hash KV storage clustered within workers

hash-storage is Promise-based Key-Value storage with composite "two-level" key.

Example of usage

import hashStorage from '@jaood/hash-storage'
import { setTimeout } from 'node:timers/promises'

const storage = hashStorage({
  type: 'object',
  TTL: 1000,
  concurrency: 1

const info = { item: 'Water', amount: 2 }

await storage.hset('store#1', '1001', info)
const res1 = await storage.hget('store#1', '1001')
console.log(res1) // { item: 'Water', amount: 2 }

await setTimeout(1000) // wait till TTL expires

const res2 = await storage.hget('store#1', '1001')
console.log(res2) // null, as value has expired due to TTL setup


In general configuration object has following structure:

type Options = {
  type?: 'object' | 'map'
  TTL?: number
  norm?: number
  max?: number
  concurrency?: number

And a little bit of parameters explanation.


type defines inner storage engine for each hash shard.
It can be either object (for plain JS object) or map (for Map).
Default value: object.


TTL defines "time to live" in milliseconds for each value.
When set to 0, lifetime of value becomes Infinity.
Default value: 0.


norm defines amount of default pre-allocated storage units pool per shard (per thread).
Default value: 0.


max defines of max pool-size for storage units pool.
Default value: Infinity.


concurrency defines how many shards (workers) will be created to distribute hash sub-storages.
For concurrency: n there will be spawned n worker to distribute storage computational load.
For concurrency: 0 no workers will be spawned, so all the storage computations will be executed on the main thread.
Default value: 0.


hash-storage implements 4 basic operations:

  • hset to assign data to composite (hash, key) key;
  • hget to retrieve data;
  • hgetall to retrieve all corresponding data associated with the same hash;
  • hdel to perform remove operation.

Also it has shutdown method to termiate all the underlying workers.

In terms of TypeScript types it implements following interface:

interface HashStorage {
  hset: (hash: string, key: string, value: unknown) => Promise<void>
  hget: (hash: string, key: string) => Promise<unknown>
  hgetall: (hash: string) => Promise<HashMap>
  hdel: (hash: string, key: string) => Promise<void>
  shutdown: () => void

interface HashMap {
  [key: string]: unknown

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