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Firebase for TypeScript


When working with Firebase and TypeScript creating Classes for Firestore Documents can be a bit annoying. As there is not standard way of parsing and writing your Class to a Firestore Document, every project uses an different way.

The Firebase for TypeScript will change that by providing a standard way of using Classes that can then be stored into the Firestore Database. It makes creating, reading and maintaining Firestore Document Classes easy and consistent across projects.



This installation method support firebase for web, firebase admin and firebase for react native by default.

npm install @janwuesten/firebase-typescript

Keep in mind that you still need to install the firebase sdk for that environment. You can see more information in the Wiki.

Basic usage example

import { getFirestore, collection } from "firebase/firestore"
import { DocumentClass, DocumentClassDefineProps } from "@janwuesten/firebase-typescript"

export class Account extends DocumentClass {
    username: string = ""
    firstName: string | null = null
    lastname: string | null = null

    definition({ define, defineCollection, defineHandler }: DocumentClassDefineProps) {
        // Define a prop
        define("username", "string")
        define("firstName", "string")
        define("lastName", "string")

        // Define what collection will be used
        defineCollection(() => collection(getFirestore(), "account"))

        // Define the document class handler to set which firebase app is used
        // and if this class if for web, admin or react native
        // you can see example handlers for web, admin and react native in the wiki:
        // https://github.com/janwuesten/firebase-typescript/wiki/2.1-%5BFirestore%5D-Create-document-class-handlers-and-batch-handlers
        defineHandler(new MyClassHandler())

Setting or creating a document

const account = new Account()
account.username = "MyUsername"
await account.set()
// Created document ID:

Getting a document

const account = new Account("document id")
if (await account.get()) {
    console.log("Account does exist")
} else {
    console.log("Account does not exist")

Updating a document

const account = new Account("document id")
await account.get()
account.username = "MyNewUsername"
await account.update()
// You can also use:
// await account.set()

Deleting a document

const account = new Account("document id")
await account.delete()

For more information on how to use firebase-typescript with all its features visit the documentation on GitHub Wiki here.

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